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Stranded Dreamscapes Games from Friendly Cactus

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Stranded Dreamscapes Games Order

This post is all about the Stranded Dreamscapes games series.
With hidden object puzzle games.

From Friendly Cactus Games.
Listed in order of release.

Available to download on PC and Mac.
Including free demos.

Stranded Dreamscapes Games

From: Friendly Cactus Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
Collector’s Editions (CE) include extra content, more game play and bonus features.

1. The Prisoner

Stranded Dreamscapes Games 1. The Prisoner
Stranded Dreamscapes Games
1. The Prisoner

PC release: October 2013.

Plot: Every passing day disengages little Emmy away from reality!

Guide Helen Wheeler as she takes a risky journey inside the mind of her niece to get to the bottom of the problem.

But be cautious! Childhood memories and wondrous fantasies are not the only things you will find here: the Dreamscape is corrupted…

And you are not welcome.

2. The Doppelganger

Stranded Dreamscapes Games 2. The Doppelganger
Stranded Dreamscapes Games
2. The Doppelganger

PC release: September 2016.

Plot: You’re busy preparing the finishing touches on your wedding dress when you’re suddenly whisked away to the world inside your grandfather’s mirror!

What’s worse, you’ve got a mirror doppelgänger who’s trying to take over your life. Travel through surreal landscapes, conquering each of your deepest fears to restore the portal that will finally take you home.

Can you find a way home and stop her, or will you lose your love forever?

3. Deadly Moonlight

Released: April 2017.

Plot: After the death of their patriarch, the Wolfgrin family suddenly went missing! The police assume it was kidnapping, so you’ve been called in to investigate. But what you find at the Wolfgrin estate is no mortal criminal. A ghostly presence roams the halls, yearning for justice. Can you uncover who is behind the disappearances and rescue the Wolfgrin family in time?!

Stranded Dreamscapes Games 3. Deadly Moonlight
Stranded Dreamscapes Games 3. Deadly Moonlight

4. River of Souls

Release: TBA.

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