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SIMULACRA 2 New Detective RPG for Mobile

  • Vee R 

SIMULACRA 2 detective RPG iPad iPhone Android PCSIMULACRA 2, a new story-rich mystery adventure for mobile.

This creepy detective RPG is from Kaigan Games OU.

New out on appstores for iPad, iPhone and Android. And will be released next month for computer.

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New Detective Adventure Game

From: Kaigan Games OU | iOS Release: December 2019, Steam Release: January 2020 | Genres: Story-Driven, FMV, Story-Rich, RPG, Mystery Thriller Adventure.


Plot: Maya, an upcoming influencer has been found dead. An obsessed detective suspects foul play. Her phone appears to be intentionally wiped. Her cause of death seems… unnatural. You’re given her phone to conduct an unsanctioned police investigation. Piece together the mystery surrounding her death. Was this an unfortunate accident or a cold-blooded murder? Can the victim’s friends be trusted? Is there something sinister lurking in social media? Solve the case before whatever happened to Maya… happens again? [Source: iTunes]

SIMULACRA 2 New Detective RPG for iOS and Android
SIMULACRA 2 New Detective RPG for iOS and Android

Game Play and Features

  • Solve a mystery through a simulated phone with familiar and new apps.
  • WARDEN, the police AI software will assist you. Restoring the phone’s deleted files.
  • Non-linear narrative with more than dozens of possible outcomes.
  • Featuring a live-action ensemble cast and an original soundtrack.


Available to play on Android (Google Play) and iPad/iPhone (Apple). Steam/PC release next month.

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