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Fantasy Mosaics Series #4 from Chapter 46

  • Vee R 

The post includes my Fantasy Mosaics part 4 series list. With all of the games from chapter 46.

Listed in order of release, including the latest games. For PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

For the rest of this series list. See my posts, included below.

Fantasy Mosaics List Part 4

This fourth Fantasy Mosaics series list post begins from chapter 46. For computer, tablet and phone – on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

46. Pirate Ship

Released: Apr 2021.

Description: In the latest Fantasy Mosaics adventure, the wind has carried Penguin Harry out into the open sea and overturned his boat! Help him explore a deserted island and find shelter! This new installment features a larger narrative-driven quest, mini games and interactive items! As always you will find a great set of new pixel art mosaic puzzles!

47. Egypt Mysteries

Released: June 2021.

Description: In the latest Fantasy Mosaics, the Penguins are enjoying a balloon ride when a sudden storm came upon them causing the balloon’s flame to go out! Now, the Penguins are slowly descending into an unknown land and they need to find somewhere safe. Follow the Penguins as they explore ancient Egypt on their next mosaic adventure!

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48. Gnome’s Puzzles

Released: Aug 2021.

Description: In the latest Fantasy Mosaics adventure, join Penguin Pikko on his journey to visit Gnome Dudik. Venture into the woods, explore challenging new mosaics puzzles, and discover a variety of mini games while learning more about Dudik’s magical world!

49. Haunted Swamp

Released: October 2021.

Plot: In the latest Fantasy Mosaic adventure, you are sent a mysterious map that starts you on a frightening quest through a haunted swamp in the middle of the woods. Gather your courage, explore your eerie surroundings, and solve incredible new mosaics puzzles!

Fantasy Mosaics 49 Haunted Swamp
Fantasy Mosaics 49: Haunted Swamp

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