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Super Soldier Z Redeem Codes [May 2024]

  • Vee R 
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Super Soldier Z players might be interested in today’s article to redeem some codes for the game. These will make the game more fun, as they are going to give you special rewards.

Super Soldier Z is a role-playing, tactical, multiplayer, anime game, and that means you’ll need whatever help you can get to win against your opponent. These codes will definitely give you an upper hand.

Make sure you don’t misspell the Super Soldier Z working codes below and enjoy their rewards.

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Super Soldier Z Codes – Working in May 2024

Super Soldier Z picture2

To get these special rewards for Super Soldier Z, you have to redeem these codes and make sure you spell them right.

They are not upper/lower case sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about that – although that might change in the future, so it wouldn’t hurt to go all CAPS just to make sure everything’s good.

Hurry up to redeem these codes one by one, before they expire, and you get the special rewards instantly:

  • Lucky666 – Get 10 Energy Bombs, 15 Budokai Tickets, 25 [Tec] Elite Hero Shard, 24 hours Triple Gold
  • GIFT666 – Get free rewards
  • XMAX2022 – Get free rewards
  • FIFA2022 – Get free rewards
  • LUCKY888 – Get free rewards
  • GIFT999 – Get free rewards
  • LZ9999 – Get free rewards
  • WK8888 – Get free rewards
  • GXFX8888 – Get free rewards
  • XNKL3333 – Get free rewards
  • WF7777 – Get free rewards
  • DBLB666 – Get free rewards
  • GM6666 – Get free rewards
  • GOKU666 – Get free rewards
  • VIP6666 – Get free rewards
  • LUCKY777 – Get free rewards
  • MDCG8888 – Get free rewards
  • LUCKY999 – Get free rewards
  • LZVIP999 – Get free rewards
  • kuririn888 – Get free rewards

Now that you have claimed all the codes in Super Soldier Z, I’m sure you will have more fun in the game. Use your rewards carefully and they will help you advance faster.

How to Redeem Codes in Super Soldier Z?

Super Soldier Z how to redeem codes

It’s not that difficult to redeem these codes for Super Soldier Z, and I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial of what you need to do in order to get your hands on these special rewards.

  1. After you open the game, click the profile picture in the top left-side corner.
  2. Click Basic Settings on the new window that popped up.
  3. Tap to enter the code, and a dialogue box will appear.
  4. Click Redeem and you’re all set, the rewards will show on your screen immediately.

Easy peasy, nothing more to do than to make sure you don’t misspell the words. Remember to get them as soon as you can, so they don’t expire.

Where to find more codes for Super Soldier Z?

That’s even easier than redeeming the codes. Bookmark this page to make sure you get updated with any changes for these Super Soldier Z codes, as I’ll write more as soon as I find new ones.

You can find more articles with codes for other games, such as Awaken Chaos Era codes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these codes as well if you play them.

Another way to stay tuned to more of Super Soldier Z’s codes is to follow them on Super Soldier Z Facebook page. They post updates about their game and sometimes codes as well.


These Super Soldier Z codes give you super special free rewards that can help you throughout the game. You can use the rewards to advance in the game and make your characters stronger.

Spelling is important, but you might also want to hurry up so the Super Soldier Z codes don’t expire before you get to them.

If they do expire, let us know in the comment section below so I can take them off of the working codes list.

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Photo credit: Super Soldier Z Facebook Account

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