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Nancy Drew 4: Treasure in the Royal Tower for PC

  • Vee R 
Nancy Drew Games List 4. Treasure in the Royal Tower

Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower, the fourth chapter in the popular detective adventure series from Her Interactive. Based on the popular novels following the adventures of the teen sleuth!

Game play involves point-and-click mystery adventure, detective RPG and puzzle-solving. Available for PC on Amazon US and UK.

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Nancy Drew #04

From: Her Interactive | Released: 2001 | Genres: Adventure, Point & Click, Puzzle, Detective Games.

Treasure in the Royal Tower

Plot: Snowbound inside a castle, Nancy learns of an elaborate plot devised by Marie Antoinette 200 years ago to hide a royal treasure. As always when Nancy is around, there is much more to the story than first appears. Nancy begins to uncover the rich history of the lodge, as well as some mysterious events, all leading to the hidden treasure. Eccentric Ezra Wickford built the quirky castle, and its current owner is promoting it as a ski resort. Years ago, Wickford had one of the towers of the resort shipped intact from an ancient castle in France. It was believed to be the last hiding place of Marie Antoinette. Now the blizzard has locked everyone inside the castle — trapped just like Marie was hundreds of years earlier. Hopefully, Nancy will be able to keep her head and solve the mystery. [Source: Amazon]

Nancy Drew 4 Treasure in the Royal Tower for PC on Amazon

Game Play

  • Play as teenage super-sleuth Nancy Drew as she unravels the mysterious happenings inside a castle full of riddles and rumors while side-stepping snowy danger on the hunt for a secret that someone else is desperate to discover first.
  • Entertaining 3-D characters, each with intriguing personalities.
  • Detailed, complex script woven into the game.
  • New puzzle elements and activities as well as dynamic game logic.
  • Beautifully illustrated and detailed 360-degree 3-D environments.
  • Two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective.
  • Players can get live online hints and tips.For ages 10 and up.
Nancy Drew 04 Treasure in the Royal Tower for PC on Amazon
Nancy Drew #04 Treasure in the Royal Tower for PC on Amazon

Nancy Drew 4 Game Bundle on Amazon

  • Solve mysteries as super-sleuth Nancy Drew in this 4-pack compilation.
  • Includes Secrets Can Kill, Stay Tuned for Danger, Treasure in Royal Tower and Final Scene.
  • Different levels of difficulty; built-in game hints; “second chance†option.
  • Lively animated 3D characters, each with a secret to hide and protect.
  • Rich, interactive, 3D environments; original music and 3D sound effects.

Nancy Drew #04 available from US Amazon 4 Game Bundle and UK Amazon for PC.

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