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Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles – Review

  • Vee R 
Fantasy Mosaics 20 Review

Review of Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles.
The latest puzzle adventure.
In the popular mosaic puzzle series.

Available on BigFish for PC and Mac.
And on Amazon for Fire.

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New Mosaic Puzzle for PC, Mac, Fire

Title: Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles.
From: Andy Jurko and MatchGems.
Genres: Puzzle Games, Brain-Teaser.
PC/Mac release: March 2017.

Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles

Plot: Mr. Penguin and Uncle Aaron are planning a surprise trip to visit an ancient castle of puzzles! Will they discover even more vibrant colors to enrich this new collection of mosaics? Join the penguins as they bring you new pixel art challenges and discover the inhabitants of the ancient castle!

Castle of Puzzles for PC, Mac, Fire
Castle of Puzzles for PC, Mac, Fire

Features and Game Play

  • Mosaic puzzles with a new color palette.
  • Pixel art challenges.
  • Search for the inhabitants in an ancient castle.
  • Collect items for the Penguin garden.
  • Using logic and number clues. Fill each grid with colors from the palette. (See below for an example of an unfilled grid.)
  • 20 levels with 5 puzzles in each level. After you complete each level you receive an item for your garden.
  • Details of how to play these pixel art puzzles are included.
  • 2 game modes: Casual or Advanced. In casual mode the numbers are crossed of one by one. In advanced mode the numbers are crossed off when the rows are complete.
  • Revealing a penguin icon as you complete the puzzle, will earn you a hint. Use these hints to indicate a random cell that you can fill with the color you are currently using.
  • Reveal Sun icons on the grid. To charge up the Sun hint button. Once charged up, you can use this to indicate a larger area to fill in with your current color.
  • Reveal pick-axe icons on the grid, to build up another useful hint option. This one allows you to specify which cell you want a hint on.
  • Achieve trophies and stars by solving each puzzle with little or no mistakes or hints. For example, solve a grid with no mistakes, earns you a gold trophy for that puzzle. And completing a grid with no hints, earns you three stars.
Fantasy Mosaics 20 Castle of Puzzles - Free Demo for PC and Mac
Fantasy Mosaics 20 Castle of Puzzles – Free Demo for PC and Mac

How to Play Fantasy Mosaics Games

If you haven’t tried a Fantasy Mosaics game before, it’s a bit like Sudoku. But instead of working out what numbers to put in each cell. You’re filling them with the colors from the palette. As a guide, use the number clues at the top of the columns. And at the beginning of the rows. As they indicate the pattern of cells that should be colored in, for each column or row. (See the screenshot above for an example of an unfilled grid). Keep an eye out for how many mistakes your allowed, indicated in the bottom right-hand corner. Use the hints, if available when you get stuck. Switching colors via the palette, might also give you hints of where the other colors can’t go. Ultimately, you aim is to fill in the grid, with the colors in the right order. And find the picture solution for each grid.

Fantasy Mosaics 20 - Level 1 First Puzzle Screenshot
Fantasy Mosaics 20 – Level 1 First Puzzle Screenshot

Fantasy Mosaics: Castle of Puzzles Review

All of the Fantasy Mosaics games are relaxing but challenging puzzle games. With simple game mechanics. Increasingly difficult grids to solve. And with it’s nice soothing soundtrack, this latest Fantasy Mosaics installment is another fun addictive brain-teaser.

Play Fantasy Mosaics 20 available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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