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Fantasy Mosaics 6: Into the Unknown

Fantasy Mosaics 6 Into the unknown for PC Mac

Fantasy Mosaics 6, another cool adventure.
For mosaic puzzle fans!
With the 6th installment in this top-rated popular series.

In this episode, you’ll be helping the little penguin in space!
Exploring new alien worlds and their inhabitants.
This is a brilliant logic and deduction tile game.
Perfect for fans of puzzle, brain teaser, Sudoku and Mahjong tile games.
And also great for those looking for a challenging and unique twist on logic puzzles.
Released for PC and Mac. With free and full versions to download online.

Top Mosaic Puzzle Game for PC – Jan’ 2015

From: Andy Jurko / MatchGems.
Release: January 2015.
Genres: Puzzle Games, Adventure, Brain Teaser, Mosaics, Logic, Tile Board Game.

Fantasy Mosaics 6: Into the Unknown

Fantasy Mosaics 6 - Cool New Puzzle Game out for PC - Screenshot 1
Fantasy Mosaics 6 – Cool New Puzzle Game out for PC

Plot: Join our penguin on a journey to explore a mysterious alien world and meet its inhabitants! Experience this new installment of mosaics puzzles in rainbow colors! Collect and use the new sun power-up. Enjoy new features and an improved map layout that shows your achievements along with puzzle images. Following the tradition of exciting multi-color gameplay, this new collection of custom-built puzzles will bring you hours of fun and discovery!

Fantasy Mosaics 6 - Cool New Puzzle Game out for PC
Fantasy Mosaics 6 – Cool New Puzzle Game out for PC

Game Play

The Fantasy Mosaics series is all about solving pictogram puzzle games.
Use your logic and deduction to create colourful images with the grid board and up to 3 colour tiles.
Each level increases in difficulty and puzzle size.
Play in 2 modes: Casual or Advanced.
In this episode, you’ve new maps to explore, but the basic gameplay is the same as before.


This game is simple to pick up and play. But it’ll soon have you hooked with its soothing music and challenging pictograms!
As I mentioned above, it’s perfect if you love brain teasers, Mahjong, Sudoku and word puzzle games. If you do, you should check out the free demo, link included below.

Play Fantasy Mosaics 6

Fantasy Mosaics 6, available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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