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Endless Fables Games from Sunward Games

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Endless Fables Games 2. Frozen Path

This post details the complete Endless Fables games list.

Hidden object mystery adventure games from Sunward Games.

Listed in order of release.

For PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire.

October 2019 Update: Chapters 1 to 4 now available on Amazon Fire, Android and iOS.
April 2019 Update: Endless Fables 4 now out for PC and Mac. See below for details.

Endless Fables Games

From: Sunward Games.
Publisher: Artifex Mundi.
Genres: Detective, Mystery Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
With Collector’s Editions (CE) – which include extra game play and bonus content!

Games in the Endless Fables series: 1. The Minotaur’s Curse | 2. Frozen Path | 3. Dark Moor | 4. Shadow Within

1. The Minotaur’s Curse

Endless Fables Games 1. The Minotaurs Curse
Endless Fables Games
1. The Minotaur’s Curse

Released: February 2017.

Plot: The legend of the Minotaur has long been a closed book, but what if it didn’t happen the way scholars claim?

At an academic lecture hosted by your friend, a hooded man refutes the accepted lore, announcing that the Minotaur is still alive and well in his labyrinth, waiting patiently to be reborn.

Only the descendent of Ariadne can stop him… which just happens to be you!

Set out on a journey of mythical proportions to stop the resurrection and save seven innocent souls…

For more details of this game, see my Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse Review.

This game is included in my Best Hidden Object Games 2017 for iPad & iPhone – Part 1.

Play Endless Fables 1: The Minotaur’s Curse

Available for Fire tablets from US Amazon and UK Amazon.

2. Frozen Path

Released: April 2017.

Plot: Your friend has gone missing while researching Norse Myths. Your search for him quickly takes a dark turn as you encounter a man with the ability to freeze people and objects! Will you be able to find your friend in time, or will your ice-cold adversary be your downfall?

Endless Fables Games - Frozen Path - Released April 2017
Endless Fables Games – Frozen Path – CE Release April 2017

Play Endless Fables 2: Frozen Path

Available for Fire tablets from US Amazon and UK Amazon.

3. Dark Moor

Endless Fables Games 3. Dark Moor
Endless Fables Games
3. Dark Moor

Released: April 2018.

Plot: Your niece has been captured by a banshee, and you’ll need to unlock the secrets of MacConnell Island to save her.

Navigate your way through terrifying creatures and mind-bending puzzles.

Find your niece and solve the mystery of the banshee, before it’s too late.

For more details, see also: Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor Review.

Play Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor

Available for Fire tablets from US Amazon and UK Amazon.

4. Shadow Within

Released: April 2019.

Plot: As a child, one of your friends was abducted by a mysterious figure, but no one believed you. Now, you’ve returned home to help your friend Agatha solve the case once and for all. Navigate your way through nightmarish puzzles and clever monsters all within the scenic Mittenwald countryside. Can you solve the mystery of the Sandman and save your friend?

Play Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within

Available on Amazon for: Fire (US) or Fire (UK).

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