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Adam Wolfe Review – A Neo-Noir Supernatural Detective Game [All Episodes]

  • Vee R 
Adam Wolfe Game review

I still remember playing Adam Wolfe back when it was released, several years ago. It was indeed a hidden object adventure game that tried to take the genre to a whole new level and, for the most part, managed to do it.

In today’s Adam Wolfe review, I am covering the full game (all 4 episodes), updating my initial review with new thoughts and some nostalgia-driven ramblings. Because, after all these years, Adam Wolfe remains a game worth playing.

Adam Wolfe Detective Game (Episodes 1 to 4)

Initially released in Episodes, back in 2016. The episodes are, as follows:

  • 1. The Ancient Flame
  • 2. The Devil You Know
  • 3. Lady and the Painter
  • 4. Zero Hour

Now, you can buy the entire pack from Steam, mobile (Android or App Store) or other various sources like Big Fish Games, where it’s available in two parts: Flames of Time (Episodes 1 and 2) and Blood of Eternity (Episodes 3 and 4).

Adam Wolfe – Plot

Adam Wolfe main character

No ordinary detective, Adam Wolfe not only uses traditional crime-solving techniques but also his own unique supernatural methods to solve cases. Unusual cases that are way beyond even the SFPD’s expertise!

Each of the four episodes brings a new case for him to solve. But, as we soon find out, he’s also dealing with his own unsolved mystery. His sister Allie disappeared a few years ago and his quest to find out what happened to her is still unresolved.

The story of his missing sister is cleverly threaded through the narrative and action of each chapter and in the course of solving each case of this game. He, at last, finds fresh clues and leads to help him finally solve his most important case. And you’re there to help!

Adam Wolfe – Themes

gameplay still

There are also other over-arching themes throughout the story, including demons, the occult, immortality, death and the nature of time. This gives this game a kind of horror film vibe. Not so much of gory horror, but more an atmosphere of tension and creepiness.

For example, in episode 2, you’re tasked with setting up a ritual using Ley lines in an attempt to banish demonic creatures and recover a particular artifact. Or when you find yourself playing games with Death himself.

These main themes are consistently maintained throughout the story and the gameplay. So you get a sustained tense dark atmosphere as you progress through the game.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! Wolfe’s sharp wit, likeable character, and quips every now and again help to balance the somber mood.

The storyline is engaging from beginning to end, with interesting plot twists and action sequences to keep you entertained, especially in episodes 1 (The Ancient Flame) and 4 (Zero Hour). And the final chapter refers back to the three previous cases bringing all the episodes together in a satisfying way.

Adam Wolfe – Gameplay

hidden object scene from the game
  • Puzzles – a wide range of unique puzzles throughout the game. Including logic puzzles and puzzles that require manipulation to solve them.
  • Hidden Object Games – about 4 in each chapter. Ranging from spoken lists, silhouette items and text lists, as well as some interactive hidden items.
  • Combat – this is an action HOPA game. So you’ll definitely be fighting some bad guys – human and demonic! Usually, with a gun or good-old fashioned punching and kicking!
  • 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium or Hard, which you can change at any time within the game.

Adam Wolfe – Tools

  • Intense Focus – one of Wolfe’s special abilities. This visual skill enables you to view a given event, once you’ve reset the scene correctly. Usually accompanied by a mini-game, where you then have to arrange events in a logical or chronological order. Completing this puzzle will reward you with further clues.
  • Time Jump – in episode 1, Wolfe is given a special watch. This allows him to time jump to a set time and re-enact events at a crime scene. A very useful tool for a detective!
  • Smart phone which includes a GPS app. This is a fast-travel map. Use it to fast-travel to a location and to view where additional actions are available.
  • When you need help with real-world crime scene evidence, such as analyzing fingerprints or clues, you can send photos of them to your friend, Marv at the SFPD.
  • The phone also comes in handy for taking photos of passwords and codes, for later reference.


Many elements make this detective game an enjoyable and immersive experience. From the cinematic cut scenes, excellent artwork, subtle background music, and creepy sound effects, to the voice acting, dialog, and dark storyline. All of these work together well to set the right tone.

Added to this, the creative use of action, adventure and HOPA gameplay round up a nearly flawless experience.

And you’ll find an imaginative, exciting, and modern twist in Adam Wolfe, a detective game that I am sure will surprise and surpass expectations for fans of the HOPA genre.

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