Dungeon Tails for iOS

Dungeon Tails New on iOS Feb 2017Dungeon Tails, a goofy new action adventure game.
For iOS on iPad and iPhone.

A fun colorful game.
With old school roguelike gameplay.
Embark on a dangerous journey.
Through caverns of cute monsters.
Plus traps, loot and other surprises!

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Ink Spotters 1: The Art Of Detection

Ink Spotters 1 The Art Of DetectionInk Spotters 1: The Art Of Detection.
A new interactive mystery novel.
That you read/play like a game!

This is the first in a series of story games.
From Three Story House.
With the first two graphic novels.
Featuring Sherlock Holmes.
Available for iPad and iPhone.
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Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - New iOS Adventure GameCool new iOS adventure game on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.
Book of Unwritten Tales 2.
A comedy fantasy adventure sequel.
From King Art Games.
Also available for PC download.
And consoles (Wii, Playstation 4 and Xbox One).

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The Frostrune by Grimnir Media

The Frostrune from Grimnir Media & Snow Cannon GamesThe Frostrune from Grimnir Media.
A beautiful atmospheric game.
Inspired by ancient Norse culture and traditions.
And Viking myths and legends.
With unusual artwork.
An immersive dark atmosphere.
And puzzle and point-and-click gameplay.

New on iTunes for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
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Adam Wolfe Review – (Episodes 1-4)

Adam Wolfe Review Episodes 1 to 4This Adam Wolfe review, covers all 4 episodes.
In this neo-noir supernatural detective game.
From developers, Mad Head Games.
An interesting new twist on the HOPA genre.
With added action, point-and-click and interactive gameplay!

Initially released in episodes, at the end of 2016. All four episodes are now available. For PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
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New iOS Adventures – Jan’ 2017

New iOS Adventure Games - January 2017New iOS adventure games roundup.
With some top picks.
From the adventure games released from last week.
To play on your iPad and iPhone.
Involving puzzles, story-driven, action and mystery gameplay.
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New Underground HO Games – Jan’ 2017

New Underground HO Games - Jan 2017 - Grim Legends 3 from Artifex MundiNew Underground HO Games for Kindle Fire.
Released this month, January 2017.
These 2 top free full HOPA games for Amazon Fire.
Are both from Artifex Mundi.

They’re also available on other devices.
And are also part of a game series.
For more details, see my posts, linked below.
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New Puzzle & Adventure Games for Mac

New Mac App Store Puzzle & Adventure Games - January 2017 - YuriA round-up of the new Mac App Store January 2017 game releases.
With ten new Mac game apps.
Involving hidden object, puzzle and adventure gameplay.
Available on iTunes for Mac download.

And for more top new HO games for Mac. See also my list of posts, included below.
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Azada Game Series Order

Azada Game Series Order – 1. AzadaThis Azada game series order list.
Includes all the Azada games.
In this popular adventure series.
From Big Fish Studios.
Available for computer on PC and Mac.
And on mobiles for iPad, iPhone, Android and Fire.

For more games like Azada. See also my list of similar games, included at the bottom of this post.
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The Detail Season One for iOS

Free iOS Detective Game - The Detail Season OneYou can now get The Detail Season 1.
As a full free iOS detective game.
This modern crime-noir adventure.
Split over three episodes.
Is available for iPad and iPhone.
All for free.

For more iPad detective games. See also my list of posts included below.
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