Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

Tiny Tales Heart of the Forest - New Artifex Mundi HO GameTiny Tales: Heart of the Forest.
A gorgeous new fairy tale hidden object adventure.
From Brave Giant and Artifex Mundi.
For computer on PC and Mac.
And on mobiles for iPad, iPhone, Fire and Android.
Including free demos. And currently on sale on iTunes, Amazon and Steam with 40% off!
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Art of Murder Game Series List

Art of Murder Game Series List OrderThis post includes an Art of Murder game series list.
In order of release.
Crime-solving adventure games.
From City Interactive.
With point-and-click adventure or HOPA game play.
Available for PC. Plus a spin-off game for Nintendo DS.

For more detective adventure games. Check out my list of posts below.
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Snark Busters Series List

How many Snark Busters games are thereThis Snark Busters series list order.
Includes all of the games.
In Alawar’s steampunk hidden object adventure series.
For computer on PC and Mac.
And on iOS for iPad and iPhone.
Including trilogy PC/Mac bundles.

For more top HOPA games from Alawar. Check out the list of posts, included below.
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All That Remains by Glitch Games

Best iOS Puzzle Games 2017 part 2 7. All That Remains: Part 1New out Glitch Games’ All That Remains.
Part 1 in their new mystery adventure.
With point-and-click.
And puzzle game play.
Now on iTunes for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

All That Remains is one of my top picks. From this year’s iOS puzzle games. See my top 10 lists, included below.
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Best iOS Puzzle Games 2017 part 2

Best iOS Puzzle Games 2017 part 2 7. All That Remains: Part 1This is my best iOS puzzle games 2017 part 2 round-up.
Which includes a variety of top-rated iOS games.
Involving puzzle-solving and brain-teasers.
And all new on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.
From April to June 2017.

And check out my previous posts, included below. For my top iOS hidden object games from 2017.
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Top Mac Games 2017 Part 2

Top New Mac Appstore Games 2017 Part 2 2. TurmoilThis top new Mac appstore games 2017 part 2 post.
Rounds up the best new games.
Released on iTunes for Mac, from April to June.

Covering a range of game genres.
There are games involving action, simulation, strategy or management game play.
All available from the Mac Appstore.
Most of them are also on Steam for PC and Mac.
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Faraway: Puzzle Escape Review

Best Puzzle Games 2017 - Faraway for iPad and iPhoneReview of Faraway: Puzzle Escape.
From Mousecity and Pine Studio.
A Myst-inspired puzzle adventure game.
Available on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.

Coming up next week. Part 2 of my best iOS puzzle games of 2017 list. With my top picks from April to June. For my previous list, see my post included below.
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