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Orneon Limited Games News on!
The best games from Orneon. Including mostly hidden object games. With reviews and top new releases. Plus game updates and sales. For PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, smart phone and tablet.

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Top HOPA Games by Orneon

For some recommended hidden object games by Orneon. For PC, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone: Secrets of the Dark Series List | Echoes of the Past Game Series List | The Agency of Anomalies Game Series.

Secrets of the Dark: Mystery of the Ancestral Estate

Secrets of the Dark 3 - New Game App for Kindle Fire

Secrets of the Dark 3, Mystery of the Ancestral Estate.
A new Collector’s Edition (CE) hidden object game app.
Released for Kindle Fire.
From Orneon and Big Fish.
Also available for PC, Mac and iPad.

For the full series list so far. See the post included below. With details of the Secrets of the Dark game list. In order of release. On PC, Mac and mobile.

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Echoes of the Past Games by Orneon

Echoes of the Past Game Series List Order

This Echoes of the Past game series list.
Includes all of the HO games in the series.
Listed in order of PC release.
Developed by Orneon and published by Big Fish.
I’ve included links for PC, Mac and tablet. And any Amazon PC bundles, where available.

October 2016 Update: Echoes of the Past 6 new release for tablet devices. See below for details.

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The Agency of Anomalies 4

New iPad Detective Game - March 2016

New iPad detective game released by Big Fish.
Available on iTunes, March 6 2016.
Is the fourth episode in Orneon’s popular series.
The Agency of Anomalies hidden object games!

Details of this new detective iPad game app is included below.
As well as a list of the Agency of Anomalies series so far. In order of PC release.

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Top 10 Hidden Object Games of 2012 for PC & Mac

My Favourite Top 10 Hidden Object Games 2012

In this post I have listed my top 10 hidden object games 2012 so far.
This list includes games with compelling, unique storylines.
As well as challenging engaging gameplay. With immersive atmosphere, helped by the beautiful artwork and soundtrack. Plus they all provide plenty of gameplay.

Providing hours of hidden object fun. All of which makes them well worth playing!
This top 10 list covers a variety of themes. Including detective, mystery, gardening and mystical hidden object games!

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