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The Unseen Fears Series from Grandma Studios

  • Vee R 
The Unseen Fears 2 Outlive from GrandMA Studios

This post details The Unseen Fears games series. Listed in order of release.

A chilling hidden object detective adventure series! From Grandma Studios.

With links for the standard versions and Collector’s Editions (which include bonus content, more game play and extra features).

For more HO games by Grandma Studios, see my posts included below.

January 2020 Update: The Unseen Fears 5 now out, see below for details.

The Unseen Fears Game Series

From GrandMA Studios | Genres: Detective, Mystery Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle, HOPA, Thriller.

The Unseen Fears Game Series Order: 1. Body Thief | 2. Outlive | 3. Last Dance | 4. Stories Untold | 5. Ominous Talent

1. Body Thief

Released: March 2017.

Plot: An old friend has called you in to help investigate a string of recent murders. The latest victim was only missing one thing… their skin. As you start investigating, you’re quickly thrown into a world of dark magic and creatures. Do you have what it takes to find the murderer in time, or will you be their next victim?

For more details see my post: The Unseen Fears 1: Body Thief.

2. Outlive

Released: December 2017.

Plot: A new reality show is entrancing the globe, but not in a good way. When strange things start happening on the set of the nation’s most popular show, it’s up to you to save the contestants and yourself! With dark forces around every turn, do you have what it takes to save the world from a horrible fate? Find out in this stirring hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

For more details see my post: The Unseen Fears 2: Outlive.

3. Last Dance

Released: November 2018.

Plot: When the people of Lyon are plagued by haunting visions of their past mistakes, you’re called in to investigate! There’s more to this case than meets the eye as specters using mirrors track your every move. Can you save the locals without becoming the mirrors’ next victim yourself? Find out in this spine-tingling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

The Unseen Fears Game Series from Grandma Studios
The Unseen Fears Game Series 3. Last Dance

Collector’s Edition Extras include: Uncover a deadly force in the bonus game! Replay fun mini-games and HOPs. Lots of collectibles and achievements to earn. Enjoy exclusive movies, music, and more! And strategy guide.

4. Stories Untold

PC release: June 2019.

Plot: You’re off to Prague for a well-deserved vacation! But your fun is cut short when someone calls to you for help from inside a book of fairy tales! You’re in for the story of a lifetime as you investigate a missing author’s home to find the origins of a dangerous other-worldly magic. Can you save those trapped in the stories, or will you join them as a permanent character?

5. Ominous Talent

PC release: January 2020.

Plot: our friend Carlos, an art critic, asked you to visit Italy to help investigate the disappearance of a colleague. The clues all lead back to the same local gallery where you quickly discover that this disappearance wasn’t the first. And as the pieces fall into place, you’ll discover a supernatural web of lies, jealousy, and betrayal. You’ll have to find the clues, learn the truth, and watch who you trust to solve the case and stop the disappearances in this intriguing new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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