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Summoners War: Chronicles Guide: Tips & Tricks to Play Better

Summoners War Chronicles tips and tricks

Summoners War: Chronicles has been launched and all I can say is that I am truly impressed by this game. It’s absolutely amazing, delivering AAA gameplay and mechanics. Truly awesome for a free to play game.

But today I am not here to praise the game. Instead, I want to share with you the top tips and tricks you need to know when playing Summoners War: Chronicles, so that you can get the best experience possible (and spend as little money – if any – as possible, too).

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the gist of things and check out my full Summoners War: Chronicles guide below!

Summoners War: Chronicles: Best Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

I am going to list all the things you need to consider below, but in a random order. Make sure you check all my recommendations to become an ace!

1. Choose the right Summoner for you

Summoners War Chronicles squad making

The Summoner is your main character / hero and the only character you will have direct control of in the game. Therefore, this should be your main focus.

But first – make sure that you choose the right one, as you have three options when you start the game.

The best Summoner in Summoners War: Chronicles depends on your play style and I will have an article dedicated to that.

But until then, I recommend you to choose based on your play style:

  • Cleaf (Summoner of Guard): A melee/tank type of character that’s good for going head-first into battles
  • Orbia (Summoner of Magic): Ranged, offensive character with a focus on magic
  • Kina (Summoner of Healing): Support type of character, with buffs and debuffs aplenty.

I personally prefer playing Cleaf because I usually play Melee characters, but I have to admit that Orbia is really good too as she’s a bit more on the attacking side.

2. Redeem codes!

The developers of the game are constantly releasing redeemable gift codes for free. These will reward you with various in-game items and you should always take advantage of these before they expire.

I have a dedicated page to this, so make sure to keep an eye on my article sharing the latest Summoners War: Chronicles redeem codes.

3. Complete the dailies… daily

Summoners War Chronicles activities

Make sure to complete all daily challenges by tapping the upper left corner button. Simply browse through all the dailies and complete them each day for rewards and quick progress.

You want to progress through the story as much as possible each day, and an easy way to do that (which is also rewarding) is by completing the dailies.

4. Focus on upgrading the best monsters

There are plenty of things to do and upgrade in the game, but you should focus on the main ones. Create your main team and focus on getting all those characters as good as possible.

For example, I currently recommend focusing on Shannon, Kona and Israel or Segment first (but the strongest characters might change in time). However, for the time being, they are perfect for starters and you should focus on making them better first.

As long as you choose a solid monster (make sure to check out my Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List to pick the best ones), you can’t go wrong. Just make sure that you don’t spread out and too thin: there are simply too many characters and it’s almost impossible – not to mention pointless – to try to max them all out.

5. Join an active, solid Guild

Being part of an active guild with solid players is essential for your long-term success in Summoners War: Chronicles.

You will get most – or at least many of your resources here. So make sure that you do your three daily requests there, spin the wheel of fortune and basically take advantage of all the guild’s features.

Currently, there is no Guild war option available in the game, but I am sure that it will be introduced soon. So prepare for that (which will also reward you nicely) by making sure that you’re in a solid, extremely active guild.

Summoners War Chronicles pvp

6. Auto-battle vs Manual battle

Auto battle is usually OK for the generic in-game things. I usually let my game auto-battle when I am AFK, but there are some instances where you MUST handle things yourself. Otherwise, you risk losing nice rewards.

One of the places where you should always go for manual battles is the PvP arena. Don’t just quick battle there – win your PvP battles in the arena to get those tickets which can be turned into amazing rewards!

7. Spend your Runes wisely

This tip goes a bit more in depth to advice #4 above. What you should do is to disassemble Runes from characters/monsters you don’t plan on using and focus on putting those into the Monsters you actually bring into your team.

8. Farm those dungeons like crazy!

Summoners War Chronicles battles

The grinding part of the game is done mainly in the dungeons of Summoners War: Chronicles. These are only available for a limited time, but they offer amazing rewards. So make sure to take advantage of the dungeons and farm them like crazy.

Normally, you can leave the auto battler on here – so you can go AFK while your character grinds hard. Just check back every now and then in case you’re needed.

Wrapping up

I really hope that these Summoners War: Chronicles tips and tricks shared above will help you start on the right foot and get the most from the game.

Just like all games of this type, grinding and repetitive tasks represent a major part of the gameplay, but fortunately the game itself is varied enough so that it doesn’t become boring.

If you have additional tips and tricks for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them by commenting below.

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