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Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 6 Walkthrough [Guest Bedroom]

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 2 Level 6

If you’re stuck trying to solve Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 6 – Guest Bedroom, I’ve got you covered! I am here today to share a complete walkthrough for this level, with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can complete it quickly.

Yes, I know, beating this level isn’t easy – as it’s always the case in Rooms & Exits – but eventually I managed to solve it, after using plenty of in-game tips and lots of trial and error. But now I can share the full solution with you, in case you are completely stuck too.

Make sure you try to do it yourself first, using the in-game hints and help, but if you are still stuck after trying everything, read on for the complete walkthrough!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 6 Guest Bedroom Walkthrough

  • Take a closer look at the shelves in the corner and take the photo frame in the middle of the books.
  • Behind the pots and candles on these shelves, there are a few nails to collect (3)
  • There’s another photo frame in the chest under the other frames on the wall.
  • Check the drawers under the shelves and take the knife from the one on the left.
  • In the other drawer, there’s a black briefcase.
  • To open it you need to look at the pattern on the bedsheet.
    • Full arrow – empty arrow – half empty arrow (down) – full arrow – half empty arrow (up)
  • Move the blue blanket off the bed to find a third photo frame.
  • Plug in the bed lamp and remember IX and IV
  • Go to the basket in the corner and enter those numbers: 94
  • Take the hammer from inside.
  • Check the pillows and remember where the arrows are pointing at:
    • First: 12:15
    • Second: 2:25
    • Third: 9:10
  • Check the clocks above the bed and enter those times in.
  • You’ll get an envelope with the letters of the alphabet.
  • The ID in the briefcase is on DAVID‘s name.
  • See each corresponding letter for DAVID on the alphabet chart.
    • D – K, A – H, V – C, I – P, D – K.
  • Enter that password in the phone KHCPK.
  • It will give you a pattern of how to arrange the frames.
  • Combine each nail with the hammer and then put all three on the wall where the other frames are.
  • Hang the other photo frames on the nails.
  • Look at the cupboard next to the door and arrange the right slits to be the opposite of the ones on the left.
    • vertical slits are turned horizontal and vice-versa.
  • Use the knife on the pillow you see inside and get the half-key.
  • Look at the Earth globe and turn it to see the symbols on it: wheat (2 times) – corn (1 time) – coffee (3 times)
  • Go to the safe box between the frames on the wall and enter those symbols in.
  • You’ll find another half of a key inside.
  • Combine the two pieces and use the key to open the Exit door.

And you’re done! You have completed the level!

If you still need extra help, don’t hesitate to comment in the dedicated section.

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