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Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 4 Walkthrough [Guest Toilet]

  • Vee R 
Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 2 Level 4

Having trouble beating Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 4 – Guest Toilet? Then, check out my complete walkthrough for this level below and you will manage to complete it!

Yes, I know, completing this level isn’t easy – as it’s always the case – but eventually I managed to solve it, after using plenty of in-game tips and trial and error. But now I can share the full solution with you, in case you are completely stuck too.

Make sure you try to do it yourself, using the in-game hints and help, but if you are still stuck after trying everything, read on for the complete walkthrough!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 4 Guest Toilet Walkthrough

  • Go to the toilet paper and unroll it till you are left with the tube and a code: 058
  • Take a look at the painting above the toilet and take the brush.
  • Move the vase and take the hexagonal piece with the numbers 17.
  • Take a look under the sink and open the cabinet.
  • Take one towel and go behind the toilet.
  • Use the towel to wipe under and take the key.
  • Use it on the other door of the cabinet under the sink and take the powder.
  • Combine the brush with the powder.
  • Look in the mirror to see a spot on the Exit door.
  • Now go to the Exit door and use the powdered brush in that spot to find the number 346.
  • For the safe under the sink you need to use the numbers you found in this order: The door, the hexagon, and the toilet paper: 34617058
  • Use the key on the Exit to escape the Guest toilet.

And you’re done! You have completed the level!

If you still need extra help, don’t hesitate to comment in the dedicated section below. Although this level was pretty straightforward and relatively easy.

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