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Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 8 Walkthrough [Kids Playroom]

  • Vee R 
Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 2 Level 8

If you’re stuck trying to solve Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 8, I’ve got you covered! I am here today to share a complete walkthrough for this level, with easy to follow instructions, so you can complete it quickly.

Yes, I know, beating this level isn’t easy – as it’s always the case in Rooms & Exits – but eventually I managed to solve it, after using plenty of in-game tips and lots of trial and error. But now I can share the full solution with you, in case you are completely stuck too.

Make sure you try to do it yourself first, using the in-game hints and help, but if you are still stuck after trying everything, read on for the complete walkthrough!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 8 Kids Playroom Walkthrough

  • I started by solving the boat puzzle on the toy chest to the right.
  • Tap on each boat you want to move so you move the red boats to the red part and the yellow to their yellow part.
  • I’ll name the red boats R(number), the yellow boats Y(number), and the colored spaces RC(number), for red circles, and YC(number), for yellow circles.
  • Move R1 all the way to RC1
  • Y1 to YC1 – Y2 to RC4 – Y3 to RC5 – Y4 to RC6
  • R1 to RC3 – R2 to RC2 – R3 to RC1
  • Y1 to YC7
  • R3 to YC3 – R2 to YC2 – R1 to RC1
  • Y2 to YC1
  • R1 to RC3 – R2 to RC2 – R3 to RC1
  • Y2 to YC6
  • R3 to YC3 – R2 to YC2 – R1 to RC1
  • Y3 to YC1
  • R1 to RC3 – R2 to RC2 – R3 to RC1
  • Y3 to YC5
  • R3 to YC3 – R2 to YC2 – R1 to RC1
  • Y4 to YC1
  • R1 to RC7 – R2 to RC6 – R3 to RC5
  • Y4 to YC4
  • Once it opens there will be a piece of red note inside
  • In the cupboard right in front, there’s a purple toy pot, take the lid on and get a blue note
  • Combine the two notes and find this clue X=8
  • Check the brown box in this cupboard and find a musical note inside.
  • Take the bottle of water from the table.
  • Go with it and water the plant on the window.
  • You’ll find this note inside the flower P=30/V
  • Check the violin case by the door and use the musical note on it to open it.
  • You’ll find another note inside with O=Z-16
  • Check the note board next to the stairs. The giraffe has V=5 written on it.
  • Check the climbing wall and take the yellow round nub right in the middle.
  • Use it on the green cupboard by the door.
  • Open it and remember the color code from up to bottom: Pink – green – yellow – blue – orange – red
  • Open the little door of the toy castle, and pull on the string to turn on the lights.
  • Open the drawer and take a golden key.
  • Use the golden key to open the guitar case.
  • Take the baseball bat from inside.
  • Use it to smash the pinata hanging there.
  • Take the note that falls from it. H7 seems to be written in.
  • Look at the magnetic board with the letters and numbers, and notice the separate 2-digit number on the side: 30
  • Also take note of the Z = 396/6
  • Go to the drawer that has a panel to insert a code and enter 30 and press the arrow.
  • The drawer will open and you can get a toy shovel from inside.
  • Go to the blue sand bucket and use the toy shovel to get the H cube.
  • Use the H cube on the floor next to the other cubes.
  • Remember the pattern of the clothes in the cupboard and put the cubes in that order: Pink – green – yellow – blue – orange – red
  • V Z O P X H
    • V=5 (giraffe)
    • Z = 66
    • O=Z-16=50
    • P=30/V=6
    • X=8
    • H=7
  • Now go to the cars on the wall by the door and enter these numbers in order from top to bottom: 05 – 66 – 50 – 06 – 08 – 07
  • You’ll be given a key
  • Use it on the door and get out of here.

And you’re done! You have completed the level!

It was a difficult one, but I am sure you enjoyed the extra level of challenge. If you still need extra help, don’t hesitate to comment in the dedicated section.

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