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Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 7 Walkthrough [Master Bathroom]

  • Vee R 
Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 2 Level 7

If you’re stuck trying to solve Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 7 (Master Bathroom), I’ve got you covered! I am here today to share a complete walkthrough for this level, with easy to follow instructions, so you can complete it quickly.

Yes, I know, beating this level isn’t easy – as it’s always the case in Rooms & Exits – but eventually I managed to solve it, after using plenty of in-game tips and lots of trial and error. But now I can share the full solution with you, in case you are completely stuck too.

Make sure you try to do it yourself first, using the in-game hints and help, but if you are still stuck after trying everything, read on for the complete walkthrough!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 7 Master Bathroom Walkthrough

  • Check the left side of the bathroom, and take the screwdriver from the soap dispenser.
  • Check the cupboard under the sink to the right and take all the towels from there.
  • Next to the sink to the right there’s a chip with the number 27 on.
  • The first mirror has all the lights on, making a frame.
  • Check the drawers in the middle and light the lights of the upper and lower ones to make a rectangle out of the lights.
  • You’ll find a chip with 16 on.
  • Go back to view the whole bathroom and use the screwdriver on the drain on the bathroom floor.
  • You’ll find a knob that you can use over the bathtub.
  • Push on it to drain it and get a puzzle piece clue.
  • Go through the open door next to the shower and pull down the towel from the heater on the wall.
  • This is the clue on how to arrange the towels on the white shelf in the main bathroom.
  • Put the towels on the shelves: 3 up, 1 middle, 5 down.
  • The door under will open up and you’ll find a puzzle piece clue.
  • Go back to the toilet and open up the lid and solve the cube puzzle inside.
  • The clue on how to solve this is written on the toilet paper if you pull up the metal.
  • You’ll find a chip with the number 51 on the toilet paper holder.
  • Inside the cube, you’ll find a handle.
  • Use it on the water reservoir of the toilet.
  • Put all the chips on top in the right spots.
  • Now under it insert the numbers on the chip, but switch the middle one.
  • So the order is: 27-91-51
  • You’ll find another puzzle piece clue inside.
  • Go to the shower and put all the puzzle pieces inside on the missing tiles.
  • Rotate them and it’ll form 4 numbers: 6389
  • Enter the code to the Exit door and get out of the bathroom.

And you’re done! You have completed the level!

If you still need extra help, don’t hesitate to comment in the dedicated section.

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