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7 Brilliant Gaming Accessories to Add to Your Setup In 2023

  • Vee R 
7 Brilliant Gaming Accessories to Add to Your Setup In 2023

Let’s be honest, as a gamer, you want your setup to be perfect. For that to happen, you’ll need the best accessories by your side.

Having the essentials can truly elevate your gaming experience and help you become a better player. What’s more, certain gaming setup accessories aren’t only useful for gaming, but for your professional needs too.

We’re not saying you have to kit your setup with everything listed below. But, making a few changes to your setup in the new year can really make a difference.

Here are some popular gaming accessories we believe you won’t be able to live without!

Standing Desk

Like with any gamer, one of the main problems you will face is spending hour after hour sitting at a desk. We understand this can quickly become tiresome, and your body can suffer when playing extended gaming sessions.

In some cases, you may ignore pain and discomfort, especially when you’re in the midst of a game. However, you’re at a heightened risk of developing back pain.

Sometimes, you need to stretch and stand up, which is where a standing desk comes into the equation. The truth is, you will feel far better standing up than sitting down for too long.

When you stand, you will have a better-engaged core and use of muscles which can elevate the immersive gaming experience and help your metabolism stay active, even once you’ve returned to a seating position.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Another cool gaming accessory to add to your setup is an ergonomic office chair. While it may seem like a strange concept, especially if you are used to a gaming chair, the former comes with many benefits.

Ergonomic office chairs reduce pain, provide support, increase blood circulation, and can boost productivity. The latter is something you definitely need when gaming!

When you do a quick google search for ergonomic office chairs, you’ll be inundated with results. For that reason, it’s wise to take your time to look into the different types of chairs available.

This is because they aren’t all designed the same. What’s more, if you work from home and have a home office, you can use the chair for other purposes too.

Phone Charging Station

It wasn’t too long ago when gamers didn’t require their smartphones. However, over recent years, there are so many apps that go perfectly with games.

This means you certainly need your mobile device to get the most out of your play. Even if you’re not too fussed about apps, how can you not have your smartphone nearby when playing video games for long periods?

When you need a break from playing, you can grab your phone and play online slots as a change of scenery. You can look at a breakdown of the most progressive slots to find the ones with the best cash prizes.

If there is one problem that arises for many gamers, it’s keeping their phone charged up. When you need a break from gaming, you’ll want your device to have a full battery and not be on its last legs.

Therefore, investing in a phone charging station is a no-brainer. This product allows you to plug your phone in nearby and stay charged while you immerse yourself in all things gaming.

Monitor Stand

If you opt for a height-adjustable standing desk designed for gaming desk setups, you may not require a monitor stand.

However, they are useful for setting your monitor on an even higher level. Stand-up desks can adjust the height a fair bit. But it still has limitations.

To get the exact right position and angle, you may benefit from purchasing a monitor stand that features an adjustable arm.

What’s more, you’re able to change the angle throughout your gaming. This will depend on what position you are in. You may even decide to couple a monitor stand with a standing desk.

Desk Lamp

Gamers should never underestimate the importance of good lighting when playing titles. An LED desk lamp, in particular, is specifically designed for workstations, making it a brilliant bonus tool for players.

Even though most modern gaming keyboards are backlit, you may need ambient light to maximize your play. In some cases, a bright monitor screen in a pitch-black room can be bad for your vision and cause eye strain.

Serious gamers like having a pen and paper nearby for many reasons. You may want to jot things down about the game you’re playing.

When you purchase a desk lamp, you’ll be able to quickly jot things down without needing to leave your desk to switch the big light on.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Any gamer that lives with others will know only too well how distractions from loved ones can hinder play. You could be deep into a game and have a partner or family member blasting music which throws you off course.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with this any longer. Why not get yourself kitted out with some noise-canceling headphones?

There are so many benefits of noise-canceling headphones to mention. However, the most obvious is that they block out outside noise.

What’s more, you can crank up the volume of your game to truly get into gaming mode without the worry of annoying anyone else!

Desk Air Purifier

When gaming, the air you breathe should be fresh and clean. One of the main issues with indoor air, especially in your gaming room, is it can get very unpleasant and stuffy.

While opening the window can be a big help, no one wants to do this when it’s freezing cold outside!

Buying a desk air purifier may be the answer. It does what it says on the tin by purifying the air. This can help you breathe better, relieve symptoms of asthma, eliminate harmful chemicals from the air, and even improve sleep.

Gamers up and down the country can truly benefit from adding any of the above accessories to their gaming setup. Any of the above can maximize your play, enhance the overall experience and change how you game for the better.

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