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Drawn: The Painted Tower – Review

Drawn The Painted Tower Game ReviewThe Painted Tower is the first chapter of the Drawn game series. An artistic combination of adventure point-and-click game play with hidden object games and puzzles. This is a dark magical fairytale that draws you into a mythical surreal world, with the beautiful artwork, atmospheric background music, challenging puzzles to solve and a quest to save a young girl from the painted tower.

Even though this is a mix of different game genres, the game play is seamless and is an enchanting and appealing game to play. Available to play on computer and mobile.

Drawn: The Painted Tower

Release Date: Sep. 5, 2009 | Genre(s): Hidden Object, Adventure, Puzzle | From: Focus Multimedia Ltd.

The Painted Tower – Game Summary

This adventure begins as a curse brings darkness over the Kingdom. Their only hope is a young girl called Iris, who has the magical power to restore light again. Your aim is to uncover the secrets of the Painted Tower while overcoming challenging puzzles on your quest to save Iris. The curse has locked each floor of the tower, and only the most imaginative adventurer can find a way through. Enter colorful luxuriant painted worlds created by her imagination. And enlist the help of the fantastic creatures that you meet on your adventure. You must unlock the secrets to save the young Iris, before it is too late!

Drawn The Painted Tower Full Version Download
Drawn The Painted Tower – with Free Demo & Full Version Download Online

How to Play Drawn: The Painted Tower

This adventure game has an interesting storyline, challenging puzzles and stunning scenery. You move through this game, solving puzzles or collecting objects on your quest to unlock each chamber in the painted tower. As you try to get ever nearer to your ultimate goal of rescuing Iris. Within this tower the interior is decorated with many of Iris’ paintings, which come at you in a burst of color against the gloom of the tower. This is where the beautiful artwork really comes into its own, as you can step into these pictures and explore these wonderful painted fantasy lands, interact with the colorful creatures that Iris has drawn into the pictures, discover more hidden objects and ask for assistance from the inhabitants.

Also along the way, you will find torn bits of illustrated paper and other objects to collect and keep in your inventory for later use. Plus logic puzzles that you will have to solve to move you along in the challenge. But if you do get stuck there is a very handy hints system, which will recharge for a few minutes after each use.

The Painted Tower – Review

The Painted Tower is an imaginative and compelling adventure game from the intriguing story, atmospheric music and stunning visuals to the gaming itself with unique hidden object games, solid logic puzzles and mini-games. This magical world draws you in, compelling you through this enjoyable dark adventure!

Play Drawn 1: The Painted Tower

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