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Criminal Minds Game for PC – Review

  • Vee R 

Criminal Minds Game by LegacyCriminal Minds PC game, based on the hit TV FBI series.

Featuring cases, characters and locations from the TV show.

With 2 challenging cases to solve using FBI techniques and the skills of the special unit.

Game play includes hidden object, puzzle and mini-games.

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Criminal Minds Game

Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
From: Legacy Games & Mad Games Studios.

Plot: Join the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI to solve a series of shocking crimes in this thrilling hidden object, adventure game based on the hit TV series, Criminal Minds. As a member of an elite team of criminal profilers, you scour crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyze evidence to catch the culprits. In the first case (A Dying Art), the BAU must find a serial killer on the loose in a college town before the body count rises further. Focus on the criminal, not the crime, to pinpoint the predators’ motivations and anticipate their next move! [Source: Big Fish]

Game Features

Play as different characters from the Criminal Minds TV show. Including Hotch and Rossi.
Starts straight away with a mini-game. Where you sort through the latest case files. To build up a profile of the suspect. Then use this info to solve this murder case with help from your FBI profiler team.

Top TV Detective Games Criminal Minds for PC
Top TV Detective Games Criminal Minds for PC

With 2 cases to solve – complete the first to unlock the second:

  1. A Dying Art – Mysterious paintings of dead women appear as a serial killer terrorizes a small artistic community in downtown Austin.
  2. No Spark – A complex and dangerous spark timer that is used in explosive devices is stolen from a downtown Seattle hospital.
Game Modes

Play in 2 difficulty levels:

  • Casual – Hint and Skip buttons recharge quicker. Active areas are highlighted with sparkles.
  • Expert – Hint and Skip buttons recharge slower. Active areas are not highlighted.
Game Play

The game play includes hidden objects, mini-games and puzzles.
With 25 Hidden Object scenes. Including iHOGs where items in blue font require additional action to find the item. Sometimes these items are listed as a word scramble.
And 40 Puzzles – click on the ‘?’ for info on how to play the puzzle. Click on ‘skip’ – once fully charged, to skip it.
From the bottom of the screen you can access (from left to right): Main menu, Hint (Badge), Tasks notepad, Inventory, FBI Handbook, picture of the character you are currently playing as.
Click on the tasks notepad to view your open tasks list. For help, you can also click on a task. And you can see a walkthrough of how to complete it.
The FBI Handbook includes personal and professional details of the each member of the team.

Criminal Minds – Review

If you are a fan of this show, you may enjoy playing this game. Especially as you get to play as different characters.
The puzzles, mini-games and iHOGs are fun, a few are challenging and some are creative.
But on the whole the games are a little dated and mostly pretty easy.
I found the story slow and the dialogue dull. Also, it felt there was more than the average amount of backtracking. As you re-visit the same locations repeatedly to find specific items. Which made the game play feel repetitive and boring.

Play Criminal Minds Game

Available from Amazon: PC Download (US) and PC DVD (UK).

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