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Peril at End House – PC Game Review

  • Vee R 
Agatha Christie Hidden Object Games - Peril at End House

Review of The Peril at End House PC game.
The second hidden object game based on a Christie story.
This one featuring Hercule Poirot.

There are 4 hidden object games. Inspired by Agatha Christie’s classic detective stories.
For reviews of the other HO games.
And also point-and-click adventure games based on her books.
See my posts included below.

Agatha Christie Peril at End House PC Game

Developer: Floodlight Games | Publisher: Oberon Games | PC release: November 2007 | Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.


Description: Peril at End House: Fans of classic mystery stories and great Seek and Find games alike, rejoice! Hercule Poirot is at it again – Mon dieu! – in another Seek and Find mystery of murderous proportions… Peril at End House celebrates its 75th anniversary with an interactive retelling that remains true to the Agatha Christie classic while delivering an unforgettable interactive experience. [Source: Amazon]

Agatha Christie Peril at End House PC Game
Agatha Christie Peril at End House PC Game

Peril at End House – Game Play

  • Play as Hercule Poirot. Who, whilst visiting the Cornish coast with his friend, Captain Hastings. Finds himself drawn into another unusual mystery.
  • With the assistance of Miss Lemon, Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp. Help Poirot solve this mystery, before a murder is committed!
  • Collect key items and clues as you search hidden object scenes. Spread out through the town of St. Loo.
  • HO games are mainly text lists or finding multiples of the same item.
  • There are also some HO items that require interaction.
  • With colourful detailed hidden object scenes. In-keeping with the era and setting of this classic mystery story.
  • Throughout the adventure, you’ll receive Clue Cards. These reveal more details about each of the suspects.
  • Play mini games and puzzles to piece together the evidence found.
  • Once you’ve completed the first investigation. The evidence room is unlocked. From here, you can review the clues you’ve collected so far. The timer is paused here, so you can go over the evidence at your leisure.
Agatha Christie Peril at End House Hidden Object Game
Agatha Christie Peril at End House Hidden Object Game

Peril at End House – Features

  • With 13 investigations to complete. Each within a time limit.
  • 4 main game areas: Majestic Hotel, End House, Nursing Home and Town.
  • And 24 HO scenes to explore.
  • Map: from here you can choose a location to jump to. Each investigation will have certain areas available to find clues. These are shown in gold, with the number of hidden items to find in each.
  • Poirot’s notebook: click on the location name to view the clues found there.
  • Cut-scenes illustrated in comic strip-style graphics. Reveal further details of the back story to this unfolding mystery.
  • Hints system: you get 5 hints per investigation.
  • Help: more detailed help is available via the Game Menu.
  • Click penalty: if you click too many times on the wrong item. 30 seconds are taken off your investigation time.
  • Bonus Rounds: play mini games, such as matching the suspect with the evidence you’ve collected.
Agatha Christie Peril at End House PC Game Review
Agatha Christie Peril at End House PC Game Review

Peril at End House – PC Game Review

This game was created to provide an interactive experience. And a new way to enjoy the genius of the original Christie story. Released 75 years after the book was first published. This is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the story. And revel in this subtle, baffling and clever mystery!

You get to explore the locations that evoke the atmosphere of the 1930’s seaside town. Whilst searching for clues. Picking up bits of useful information, as you question the characters. And from the additional sleuthing that your friends are also doing to help you.

The combination of timed hidden object gaming – where you find key items. And the piecing together of evidence with puzzles and mini games. Have been well thought-out, so that the brilliance of the original story is seamlessly combined with the game play.

Using quirky comic strip graphics (see the image below for an example). To add useful insights and back story to the investigation. Is also done well.

I’d say, out of the current 4 Agatha Christie hidden object games. This is probably my favourite.
As it brings to life a classic Poirot detective story with the clever use hidden object and puzzle game play.

Peril at End House Game on Amazon

*US Amazon: Agatha Christie 3 in 1 Bundle [PC Download]. Also in 4 Agatha Christie HO Games PC DVD Bundle.

*UK Amazon: PC DVD. Also in 4 Agatha Christie HO Games PC DVD Bundle.

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