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Who Are ALL the Tamamos in Fate Grand Order? [Detailed Answer]

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fate grand order tamamos who are they

The Tamamos in FGO can prove to be pretty confusing, even for veteran players. After all, when we’re talking about clones and alternate versions of various other characters, things start to seem complicated.

But today, I am here to shine some light and tell you who are all the Tamamos in Fate Grand Oder. We’ll get into full details below, but first, let’s get it done with the basics!

The FGO Tamamos are a group of Heroic Sprits that were created from the original Caster. They appeared from Tamamo-no-Mae’s eight tails and are basically different versions of the same character.

Based on Fate CCC, when Tamamo has to regrow her tails in order to defeat Moon Cell, just 3 of the 9 Tamamos that exist are currently found in Fate Grand Order. These are Tamamo No Mae, Tamamo Cat and Tamamo Vitch.

The remaining Tamamos, not present in the game at the moment of writing this article, are Tamamo-no-Hime, Tamamo Gucci, Tamamo Delmo and Tamamo Aria. They might make their way into FGO at a later time.

This might sound completely bananas – but since you play the game, you know what I am talking about and it hopefully makes sense right now. So let’s get in depth and find out more about the three Tamamos currently available in FGO!

Fate Grand Order: Tamamos

We’ll start with the original one, since she’s the oldest in the game. But we’ll also talk about the other two Tamamos and learn who they are.

1. FGO Tamamo No Mae

tamamo no mae

The original Nine-Tail Demon Fox, she is the one that created the rest of the Tamamos from her tails. She is currently available in Fate Grand Order and is an amazing support in the game.

She now accepts her more modest role as a Servant and will unequivocally support any Master that summons her.

Being a former courtesan in a Heian Era, she knows how to show her love for her master.

2. FGO Tamamo Cat

tamamo cat

Each of the other Tamamos in the FGO lore (and not only) represent a part of the original’s characteristics. With Tamamo Cat (also referred to as Tammy Cat), she represents Tamamo No Mae’s more feral part.

You can see that in her looks too – she is a bit larger and seems physically stronger, also having paws instead of hands and feet. I’d say that they are fox’s paws, but others say that she’s a cat (based on her name).

Despite all these (and despite her being a Berserker-class Servant), Tamamo Cat is very sweet and innocent.

3. FGO Tamamo Vitch

tamamo vitch

She is another alter ego formed from Tamamo No Mae’s tails and, without a doubt, you will see that you have all the reasons to love her. (Yup, things can get complicated in the Fate/Grand Order lore, so the image above might or might not be that of Tamamo Vitch!)

Wrapping up

Now you know who the Fate Grand Order Tamamos are, where they came from and what the ones currently available in the game do.

I am sure that in the future, we will see more of the original 9 Hero Spirits introduced to the game – and when that happens, I will make sure to update this article with all the new details.

Until then, let us all know who’s your favorite Tamamo in FGO and who would you like to see introduced to the game next. I personally choose Tamamo Gucci simply because of the name!

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