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Valorant eSports: The Ultimate News of the Professional Community

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Valorant eSports - Professional Community News

In the world of big Valorant eSports, real roster mania is at its peak, which is typical for the off-season. Key changes were made by the leaders of the Vitality, Global Esports, and Dplus teams to strengthen their positions and surprise the opponents.

For fans of Valorant betting, this is also a clear signal to track the latest performances of new players, their ratings and the overall mood in the teams.

Emil “runneR” Trajkovski Joins Vitality Team

This news was officially confirmed by a team representative. As previously known, “runneR” showed excellent results in the Diamant team.

Before this, the cyber sportsman showed his best by playing for over 8 months on the Balkan stage of the 2nd level with Balkan Stars.

The current team’s roster is the following:

  • Salah “salah” Barakat (Head coach);
  • Marceau “Placido” Lambert (Performance coach);
  • Harry “Gorilla” Mepham (Assistant coach);
  • Joseph “Strong” Edwards (Coach);
  • Marcus “marcus_askildsen” Askildsen (Performance coach);
  • Jokūbas “ceNder” Labutis;
  • Emil “runneR” Trajkovski;
  • Tomas “Destrian” Linikas.

Emil Trajkovski spent a year with Diamant and acquired a wide fan base thanks to a powerful start in the Eastern European tournament.

However, 2023 did not bring tangible success to the team. The problems started when Diamant was relegated from Split 1 to sixth place.

And this is taking into account the second place in the regular season. Then, the team could not advance further from the playoffs, as it was in third place by points.

The current roster changes are just beginning a major reconstruction that must be finished by 2024. The team is actively looking to change 3 more members, namely MOLSI, Twisten and BONECOLD.

It is now known that Saif “Sayf” Jibrail and Kimmy “Kicks” Laasner will join the team with runneR. At the same time, the team does not plan to rebuild the coach lineup critically.

Lightningfast, Monyet, and SKRossi Leave Global Esports

The off-season fever did not spare Ganesh either, with Paul Chowdhury, Gangadhar, Nugraha, Abhirup and Kahya leaving.

Considering the termination of the contract with two more cyber sportsmen, the team cannot boast an active roster at all.

The following Global Esports roster is the following:

  • Australia Michael “WRONSKI” Wronski;
  • Canada Jordan “AYRIN” He;
  • South Korea Kim “t3xture” Na-ra;
  • India Abhirup “Lightningfast” Paul Choudhury;
  • Indonesia Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha;
  • South Korea Park “Bazzi” Jun-ki;
  • India Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar.

Although the team had high hopes at the beginning of the season for the expanded team of 10 talented players from overseas, they were not realized.

However, it is not new in Valorant eSports when many team members do not mean 100% success. The first failures began after the start of VCT 2023 LOCK//IN.

As a result, they had to say goodbye to further participation in the event immediately after the first round. The team made this situation acceptable since they could keep changing the roster of 10 people.

However, the failure repeated itself when Global Esports participated in the VCT 2023 Pacific League. The team’s fans clearly didn’t appreciate three wins and six losses.

This caused Global Esports to leave the tournament without making it to the playoffs. The decisive game occurred with Rex Regum Qeon, which they clearly failed.

As the season progressed, the team’s management tried to change the situation by parting with some participants, but this did not significantly affect the result.

Now, the same fate awaits SkRossi, Lightningfast and Monyet. This decision caused bewilderment among the fans, especially taking into account the players’ performance:

  • Monyet with a rating of 1.18;
  • Lightningfast with a rating of 1.09.

As for SKRossi, he is one of the team’s top players, with a rating of 1.30 and a K/D of 1.33.

Dplus Said Goodbye to Esperanza

Dplus Esports also recently announced changes to its roster due to the contract’s expiration with Jeong “Esperanza” Jin-cheol.

Esperanza joined the team as a flex player in 2021 before its rebranding from DAMWON to Dplus Esports.

This marked the beginning of the team’s success, as they performed brilliantly at the WCG Challengers League Korea, winning their first split with a score of 3-0.

Increasing their progress, Dplus Esports went through the second split perfectly without losing a single match.

This success brought them an invitation ticket to Ascension Pacific, where they acted as representatives of Korea.

However, fortune turned against the team as they failed to win any of the 4 maps. Despite being the only team to beat BLEED, Dplus failed to make it out of the group stage.

The decisive score was 2-2 in the game against Bonkers, which allowed the latter to advance to the playoffs.

Dplus currently features the following players:

  • Kang “solo” Geun-chul (Head coach);
  • Jung “peri” Bum-ki (Coach);
  • Yang “Wenty” Geon-mo;
  • Park “exy” Geun-cheol;
  • Lee “NGen” Jae-hong.

Notably, the team had already made adjustments earlier, firing Estrella, Alla, and Lakia. So they left with only 3 players on the active roster.

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