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OP: Voyage Chronicle Codes [May 2024]

OP - Voyage Chronicles Codes

Enjoying One Piece – Voyage Chronicles? With these codes, you will enjoy it even more. The rewards are a game-changer and will help you advance faster in the game.

Redeem these codes for OP: Voyage Chronicles before they expire. These gifts will give you a nice little boost so you can have more fun playing the game.

These are the codes for OP – Voyage Chronicles that you need to redeem.

Redeem OP – Voyage Chronicle Codes

Having these rewards in the game will make it more enjoyable and help you to grow faster. So use the rewards wisely and you can become the best.

  • OP888 – Redeem to get 100 Diamonds, 1 Advanced Summon Ticket, 5 Refresh Arena Tickets, 100,000 Belly, 5 Voyage Refresh Tickets
  • OP777 – Get 100 Diamonds, 3 Normal Summons, 100,000 Belly, 2 Wheel Coins, 10 Random 4 shards
  • OP666 – Redeem to get 100 Diamonds, 50 Break Stones, 50,000 Belly, 5 Random 5 shards
  • w64ylud6ae – Get 1 chest
  • c9fbvx76af – Get 5 chests
  • ZORO666 – Get free rewards
  • 2391n6q686 – Get free rewards
  • NAMI666 – Get free rewards
  • 0p79edy69f – Get free rewards

Once you redeemed these codes you can enjoy the rewards on the spot. But in case you’re not sure how to redeem OP – Voyage Chronicles codes, check out my step-by-step guidelines below.

How to Redeem OP – Voyage Chronicle Codes

Not sure for how long will be these codes available. But it would be wise to hurry before they expire.

1. After you enter the game you can tap on your avatar picture.
2. Click on the Redeem Code button.

How to redeem OP - Voyage Chronicles Codes

3. The next step you need is to write the codes in the new window and press Redeem.

Redeem OP - Voyage Chronicles Codes

4. Once you’re done with these steps, you can enjoy your free gifts.

Make sure you don’t misspell the codes and you can be able to enjoy them as soon as you press Redeem.

How to Get More OP – Voyage Chronicle Codes

The easiest way for you to get more rewards from codes is to bookmark this page and wait for my updates for OP – Voyage Chronicles codes.

Check back every now and then and see if I found anything new. All codes will be updated as soon as they release new ones.

Their Facebook page might get new codes. Follow them on OP Voyage Chronicles Official and you might get lucky and catch some codes there.


Keep playing OP – Voyage Chronicles and enjoy the rewards from these codes. You’ll be able to advance faster and have more fun playing the game.

If you’re looking for more codes for other games, check out Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) codes. I also have the codes for Ninkai Incident if you’re a fan of that game.

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