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Mythgard – Free to Play Card Game

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Mythgard Free to Play Card GameMythgard, a new top-rated indie card game for Android.

Set in a magical fantasy world and featuring fast-paced tactical game play.

Play solo or with a friend.

Available on Google Play for free. And on Steam – Early Access for PC and Mac.

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New CCG for Android

Title: Mythgard.
From: Rhino Games Inc.
Genres: CCG (collectible card game), Strategy, Trading Card Game, Indie, Free to Play.
Released: September 2019.


Description: Set in a modern world filled with magic, Mythgard is a CCG that offers exceptional lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building. Mythgard’s gameplay depth harkens back to the great early days of the genre, and its feature-rich systems offer many ways to play. [Source: Google Play]

Mythgard Free to Play CCG by Rhino Games for Android PC Mac
Mythgard Free to Play CCG by Rhino Games for Android, PC, Mac
Game Play and Features
  • Play solo, 1v1, or bring a friend for 2v2
  • Collect 400+ cards featuring gorgeous art
  • Master fast, tactical gameplay
  • Enchant the unique battlefield to enhance your tactics
  • Explore a compelling story
  • Battle through story, draft, and rank modes
  • Spectator Mode and Replays
Play Mythgard

Available for Android devices on: Google Play.

Early Access also available for PC and Mac on Steam.

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