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August’s ESports News: Fresh Events, Games, Sponsors, and More

  • Vee R 
ESports News

When watching eSports, it’s crucial to stay up to date. If you’re not, you’ll miss many important events which could be exciting to watch.

Moreover, you’ll fall out of the eSports community, which always knows what’s new. Don’t be that guy. Read this page to find the freshest news from the eSports realm!

Girlgamer: ESports Festival

Girl Gamer Festival

Did you know that there is a separate eSports event for girls? Its name is Girlgamer, and it has been conducted annually since 2017. The event features three games: CS:GO, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

However, the games are not the only thing that awaits you at Girlgamer Twitch streams. You’ll also witness entertaining shows, famous casters, and cosplays featuring your favorite video game characters.

In 2023, the Girlgamer Festival will occur in several spots worldwide: South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Mexico. And finally, it will head to the debuting region: the US, particularly in Atlanta.

The event starts at the end of the year, on December 13th, at Skillshot Hub. Don’t miss the unique chance to celebrate women’s eSports and join the stream.

Moreover, you can visit GGBet bookie in Canada to pull off some wagers along the road. Knowing its massive choice of competitions, Girlgamer Festival will definitely be included in their list.

New Dota Event’s Prize Pool Comes Near to TI’s

Dota 2 Championship

On 19 July, a new Dota 2 event set a record. Riyadh Masters 2023 has become the world’s biggest Dota event prize-wise after The International.

As the name suggests, an event was conducted in Saudi Arabia, Er Riyadh. It has featured 20 participants, the best teams from all around the world. They’ve fought for the prize of $15 000 000, where the 1st place gets $5 000 000 of them.

A dark horse, Team Spirit has shown its guts getting into the finals and scoring a victory. Even though they were facing arguably the strongest Dota 2 team, Team Liquid, they got a blazing triumph.

The final match was in BO5 format. Even though Team Liquid has nailed a first map, Team Spirit wasn’t about giving up.

They gathered their strengths and obliterated the enemy in the following three maps. Thus, history was made, and Team Spirit has put the fattest period mark in it.

Chess ESports Gains Momentum

Originating from the 7th century, Chess was classically played IRL. But during the COVID pandemic, when people struggled to get together in a single room, online chess got popular. has become a staple platform for players to make moves online. The site has an intelligent ranked system that arranges matches among equally-skilled players.

Among them, you can even find the world’s leaders like Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. However, ranked games are not the only format where the best players meet.

In 2023, from 3 to 22 December, became a platform for the Champions Chess Tour.

This prominent event has attracted the attention of many sponsors. The biggest of them is Julius Baer, a Swiss private bank.

Thirty players scoring the most points during other seasonal activities will join the tournament. They will play online, fighting for the prize of $235,000. Of course, it will be divided between the top places.

CS:GO 2 Leaks


When Valve revealed CS:GO 2 in March, an eSports community shook. Everybody was expecting a change in one of the biggest competitive games ever, and now, it was announced. But there is a thing. Valve hasn’t said the game’s exact release date.

Since the march, the game has entered a highly-restricted beta stage. Valve has promised that after the testing and some game adjustments, players will be able to enjoy the game in the summer of 2023. But it seems like the schedule is a little bit off.

The first reason for that is the famous “Valve Time” meme. The company is just not good at keeping their releases in promised time frames. Often, they get delayed.

Secondly, Valve likes to release its big patches/games alongside the tournament that features it. For instance, the first Dota 2 The International was conducted in the game’s beta version. So we expect a similar case with CS:GO 2.

Knowing that to start an event, the new game must have at least 7 maps ready (they must be tested beforehand), we can make some assumptions. August is a very unrealistic month for a release considering that the game tested just two maps after 2.5 months of the beta.

So October seems like the most apparent time for a release. Precisely, the game might arrive at IEM Sydney at the end of the month, on 23.

Alternatively, it can also see the world at the beginning of the month on 2nd October, when players start to prepare for the IEM Sydney.

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