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The Best Order to Save the Wisps in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps wisp saving guide

Ori and the Will of the Wisps presents you with an interesting choice. Which wisp should you save first? Kwolok does not make any recommendations, so it is all up to you!

After playing through each wisp’s area, I have determined which you should go to first. My suggestions are based off the usefulness of the abilities you get from each area, and how difficult the area is.

First: Baur’s Reach

Light Burst

The first wisp you should save is the one to the North, which takes you to Baur’s Reach. This area gives you an incredibly valuable ability called Light Burst.

Having this ability will help you travel, because Ori can bash off his Light Burst projectiles.

Not only that, but it does decent damage to enemies and burns them. This makes Light Burst great for combat in addition to travel. Of all the other abilities you get from these three zones, Light Burst is the most useful.

Baur’s Reach is also the easiest of the three zone by far, as it is the only zone without a final boss fight.

Due to the fact you have low health and energy at this point in the game, it makes it the perfect zone to go to first. All you have to do there is navigate through the hazardous puzzles within the zone.

Baurs Reach Shields

Baur’s Reach does have dangerous enemies, so make sure to buy Spirit Smash or Spike before embarking on your journey.

Not only do these abilities to large amounts of damage, but they can also break the shields enemies are holding.

Second: Luma Pools


After completing Baur’s Reach, you should go to the Luma Pools in the West.

Be aware that the majority of this area is underwater, so buying Water Breathing before going there will make things much easier.

If you cannot buy Water Breathing, do not worry – you do not need it to finish the zone. Just make sure to keep an eye on your breath, because Ori will die instantly when he runs out of air.

Luma Pools has a lot of puzzles requiring you to must move quickly, so Light Burst from Baur’s Reach will be a great asset.

The ability you get at the Luma Pools is Underwater Dash. This ability is only useful for travel purposes, and very handy in the Luma Pools area itself.

While it is not useful in areas without water, it offers good practice for using the Burrow ability later on in the game.

At the end of the area, you will be faced with a boss fight before you can save the wisp.

Final: Mouldwood

Mouldwood Depths Darkness

After saving the wisp in Luma Pools, your only choice is to go South to Mouldwood Depths.

This zone will be the hardest of all, which is why I recommend it last. If you go here as your last destination, you will be better prepared with more health and energy cells.

You will also have more powerful skills and abilities that will make the zone easier.

What makes this area so dangerous is that it limits your visibility. The entire zone is covered in deadly darkness.

Not only does it hinder your vision, but it can kill you if you remain in the dark for too long.

So, the puzzles in this area can take a lot more trial and error as you figure out where you need to go.

Mouldwood Depths FInal

Mouldwood Depths contains the ability Flash, which is useful in the zone, but not much use anywhere else.

What Flash does, is create an aura of light around Ori, while also doing damage-over-time to enemies in his light.

This DoT is minor, as it only does one damage a second. This makes it useless when you are trying to actually kill enemies.

The most challenging part of Mouldwood Depths is the final boss in the zone. This boss is the second hardest boss in the entire game, and presents a long fight with four phases.

Trust me, you will need all the health and energy cells you can get when facing this boss.

Having the ability Spear will make this boss fight easier, but keep watch on how much energy you are using.

I made the mistake of going South first when I played for the first time, and did not have Spear. This made facing the boss a huge challenge, and it took me over an hour to defeat it.

Final words

There you have it: this is the optimal order to save the wisps in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

You go to Baur’s Reach first to get Light Burst and because it is the easiest zone. Luma Pools is next to get Water Dash and defeat the boss trying to destroy the wisp. Finally, you go to Mouldwood Depths because it is the hardest zone of all.

Do you have a different preferred order? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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