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survivor io void power in action

The latest update brought a lot of goodies to us, players. One of them is a premium, S-grade type of weapon, the Void Power. In today’s article, I will quickly tell you how to get the Void Power in the game and why you should.

Also make sure to check out my previous article about the new Modular Mine skill – one that is easier to get and evolve. Now, let’s get straight into today’s topic!

Getting the Void Power in

void power weapon survivor io

In order to get the Void Power weapon in, you need to buy and open supply crates. You can get the regular S-grade Supply Box or the limited-edition Void Power Supply Crate.

You actually have a higher chance at getting the Void Power weapon in the game if you open the Void Power Supply Crate, which costs the same as the regular S-Grade Supply Box. This means that you can get 1 box for 300 gems or 10 for 2,680.

survivor io void power supply crate

Even so, have in mind that the drop rates for the Void Power weapon are extremely low. This is a red weapon (S-tier type), meaning that it is extremely powerful and rare.

In order to get it, you will need to open 100 Void Power Supply Crates. I haven’t heard anybody getting one sooner… so that’s quite an investment to make.

survivor io void power weapon icon

Even worse, with the regular S-grade Supply Box, you will need to pull more than 100 boxes to get it – so if you want this weapon, it’s good to take advantage of this special deal while it lasts.

Is the Void Power weapon worth it?

void power stats

Yes, the Void Power weapon is one of the best weapons in currently. This is a red weapon that does a base damage of 75 attack points. These numbers increase as you level up.

Also, the weapon launches a homing-missile type of ammo that destroys enemies on impact and also opens up a black hole when doing so, sucking in others that are unfortunate to be nearby.

I am not sure if spending so many gems is the best way to go, but if you have the resources, all those crates you’ll open trying to get it will score you a TON of other amazing goodies, so in the end, your hero will be much better.

Wrapping up

You know now how to get the Void Power weapon in, as well as my opinion on how useful it is (I repeat: it’s really good!).

If you have additional questions or if you’d like to add more details about this new weapon, don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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