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Nine Noir Lives – New Fun Feline Point-and-Lick Detective Game!

  • Vee R 

Family-friendly crime-solving game for PC, Nine Noir Lives by indie devs Silvernode Games. New on Steam for PC and Mac download. Including free demo. Play as Cuddles Nutterbutter, a feline private investigator in Meow Meow Furrington, capital city of cats!

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Nine Noir Lives

From: Silvernode Games | Released: September | Genres: Indie, Detective, Noir, Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle, Story Rich, Funny, Logic, Mystery, Family Friendly, Investigation, Relaxing, Cartoony, Cats!

New Fun Feline Point-and-Lick Detective Game!

Description: Stretch your legs, clean your whiskers, and dive into Nine Noir Lives. Enjoy a “point-and-lick” comedy-noir adventure, full of humour, crazy characters, and intriguing locations. Solve challenging puzzles and answer the immortal question: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this town? [Source: Steam]

Nine Noir Lives New Fun Cat Detective Game
Nine Noir Lives New Fun Cat Detective Game (Image credit: Steam)

Game Play and Features

  • Play through a charming comedy-noir storyline inspired by every cat ever, with fewer cat puns than you might expurrct.
  • Explore the unique and intriguing city of Meow Meow Furrington across over eighty attractive, hand-drawn screens.
  • Interact with over twenty-five hilarious characters.
  • Discover a whole new dimension to everything in the game by using your wits tongue. Lick first, and ask questions later. Questions like “what did you expect that to taste like, Cuddles?”
  • Experience the city from two very different perspectives as you switch between Cuddles and his capable assistant, Tabby Marshmallow.
  • Laugh and learn about the world of Furth with over a hundred thousand words of fully-voiced dialogue.
  • Solve puzzles both fun and fiendish – but never unfair.

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