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Envy! 1920s Murder Mystery Escape Room Game

  • Vee R 
Best at Home Escape Room Game

This post details a gorgeous top-rated 1920s themed escape room game, Envy! A printable murder mystery escape kit to download, print and play at home. From Lock Paper Scissors.

All the work’s been done for you, everything you need to play this escape game is included, just print out, follow the instructions to set it up and you can be ready to play in just 20 minutes!

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Envy! by Lock Paper Scissors

From: Lock Paper Scissors | Age rating: 16+ | Number of Players: 4+ | Genres: Printable Escape Room, Play at Home, Teens, Adults, Roaring Twenties, Puzzle, Mystery-Solving.

Top at Home Escape Room Game 1920s Theme Envy (3)
Best at Home Escape Room Game with 1920s Theme – Envy!

1920s Murder Mystery Escape Room Game

Description: It’s a 1920’s Gatsby style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained!

Printable at Home Escape Room Game with 1920s Theme - Envy
Printable at Home Escape Room Game with 1920s Theme – Envy!


The story so far… Look, none of us had a kind word to say about ol’ Carnegie but the toff’s been topped at his own party! Detective, head to the mansion and sort this murder mystery out. This is the bloody 1920’s at it’s worst.

Top at Home Escape Room Game 1920s Theme Envy
Printable Escape Room Game Kit with Party Props!

Game Details

  • Woah. All the work’s been done!
  • If you’re in a rush you can print and set up the game in just 20 minutes. All you have to do is print the game out and put it on a table. Then pour a glass of wine and relax. After all, throwing a party should be fun!
  • Now, if you’d like to go all out and make this the best escape room party ever you can do that too. The Envy kit comes bursting with epic party mood boosters like photo booth props, victory posters, background music and party invitations.
  • You can even go to town and add your own puzzles and props to theme your world. It’s up to you how much effort you’d enjoy putting in.

*For more details and reviews – visit Envy! 1920s Printable Escape Game Kit from Lock Paper Scissors.

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