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Top atmospheric and interactive Story-Driven Games news, reviews and updates. Don’t forget to check out:

Story-driven games for PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and mobile: Monument Valley Games from ustwo. For Amazon Fire, iPad, iPhone and Android. | Replica: A Little Temporary Safety Interactive Novel for iOS. | Her Story Top Detective RPG for iOS & Android. | Tormentum – A Dark Mystery Adventure Game. For Amazon Fire, iOS, Android, PC and Mac download. | Kathy Rain, Point-and-Click Adventure Game for iOS. | A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight. On Amazon Fire, iOS and Android. | The Sinking City by Frogwares Dark Open World Investigation Game. For PS4, Xbox One and Switch. | Telling Lies – Investigation Game for Computer, iOS and Android. | Life is Strange Games, Listed in Order.

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Broken Age – Indie Adventure Game

Broken Age by Double Fine Tim SchaferBroken Age, a quirky coming-of-age adventure game.

The first installment originally released last year, as part of a crowd-funded project.

And now the second installment is out for iOS, Android, computer, PlayStation Vita and more platforms.

From Double Fine Productions. And with an all-star voice cast.

September 2018: Now also available for Nintendo Switch.Read More »Broken Age – Indie Adventure Game

Tex Murphy Games Series in Order

Tex Murphy Games Series Order for PC Mac Download

This post details the Tex Murphy games in order of release. The revolutionary sci-fi noir detective series!

Featuring the eponymous character, Tex Murphy. A PI of the hard-boiled, Philip Marlowe variety. His observation skills, disarming nature and dry wit, has made him an iconic character in the mystery adventure genre.

This adventure series set in the near-future. Mixes the classic with the futuristic. And innovative game mechanics in unique and creative ways. Making this series a fan favorite.

So much so that a fan remake of Tex Murphy 5: Overseer has now been taken on by the original developers, Big Finish Games. And is expected to come out as a new episode in it’s own right. Tex Murphy 7: The Poisoned Pawn is expected to be released in 2020.

Each of the Tex Murphy games are available for PC and Mac download from GOG or Steam, from the links included below.

Read More »Tex Murphy Games Series in Order

Life is Strange Games, Listed in Order

Life is Strange Games Listed in Play Order

This post details the Life is Strange games, listed in release and play order. From Dontnod Entertainment and Deck Nine.

An emotional, atmospheric story-rich choose your own adventure.

With episodic releases for the first few games, except the free game. 2 of which are prequels, though the developers recommend playing through the series in the release order, as listed below.

Available for PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox One, Series X and PlayStation 4 and 5.

January 2022 Update: Life is Strange Remastered Collection now out, see below for details.

Read More »Life is Strange Games, Listed in Order

Game of Thrones Game Ep 1

Game of Thrones Game Dec 2014 - Now on Android

Based on the exceptional books and hugely popular TV series, Game of Thrones is the new adventure RPG game from game developers Telltale Games.
The same guys behind top rated adventure games, such as the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us.
And like those games, The Game of Thrones game is episode based, with 6 parts in all. Where you can play as different characters from the Forrester household. Using a new story taken from the George R.R. Martin books but not in the TV version.

Released earlier in December for video game consoles, desktop and iOS. It’s now out on Android including Kindle Fire tablets.

Read More »Game of Thrones Game Ep 1