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Drawn: The Painted Tower – Review

Drawn The Painted Tower Game ReviewThe Painted Tower is the first chapter of the Drawn game series. An artistic combination of adventure point-and-click game play with hidden object games and puzzles. This is a dark magical fairytale that draws you into a mythical surreal world, with the beautiful artwork, atmospheric background music, challenging puzzles to solve and a quest to save a young girl from the painted tower.

Even though this is a mix of different game genres, the game play is seamless and is an enchanting and appealing game to play. Available to play on computer and mobile.Read More »Drawn: The Painted Tower – Review

Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate – Review

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ReviewThis Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate review. Is about one of my top MCF detective games in the series. With it’s creepy setting of a spooky carnival! An assortment of strange and suspicious characters. Challenging hidden object games. And excellent puzzles and mini-games to solve.

If you are looking for a hidden object game. That is both gripping and that will test your sleuthing and gaming skills. Then Madame Fate has all the best aspects that you’d want in a hidden object game. Plus you can play a free demo online, no download required. See below for details.Read More »Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate – Review

Play Risk II on PC and Mac – Risk 2 Game

Risk II Game - Play Risk Online Against ComputerGame details and screenshots of the Risk II game.
Hasbro’s sequel computer version of the classic board game, Risk.

This enhanced version is available for PC and Mac.

You can play this Risk version in a number of modes.
Including playing classic Risk online against computer. In single-player mode.
Or play against others in online multi-player mode. And much more!

For more digital versions of Hasbro board games for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and iOS. See my posts included below.Read More »Play Risk II on PC and Mac – Risk 2 Game