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The best Mahjong games news. With new releases, game updates and sales. For PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, smart phone and tablet.
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The Far Kingdoms: Hidden Magic

The Far Kingdoms 12 Hidden Magic

Far Kingdoms 12 new out on Big Fish.

For PC and Mac download.

The latest chapter in the Far Kingdoms game series from Lazy Turtle Games.

With hidden object, puzzle adventure game play.

For the full series list so far. Including hidden object, mosaic and match 3 games. See my post included below.

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Mahjong Magic Journey 2 & 3 for PC, iPad and iPhone

Mahjong Magic Journey 2 - Medieval Mahjong for PC

New Mahjong game release on Big Fish.
Mahjong Magic Journey 2 by 8Floor Games.
Is a medieval fantasy themed Mahjong PC game.
With free demo available.

This fantasy Mahjong game is also on iOS.
Details of this new game are included below.

Update April 28, 2016: Mahjong Magic Journey 3 is now also available on Big Fish. For PC and Mac. See below for details.

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Best Big Fish Games of 2015 for PC & Mac

Best Big Fish Games of 2015 - for PC and Mac Download

This is my top 10 list of the best Big Fish games of 2015.
With mainly time management and match 3 puzzle games!
Plus strategy, sim and card games.
And some top family games too!
All available for PC download.
With free demos and full versions online.
Plus 6 of these are also available for Mac.

I’ve haven’t included Big Fish’s hidden object games in this list. Instead I’ve a separate top 10 list dedicated to my fave game genre! Check out my post link included below.

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Laruaville Match 3 Games from FRH

Match 3 Game Series - Laruaville 4

This post includes all the games in the Laruaville games series.
Match 3 adventure games from FRH Games.
With its unique combo of match 3, hidden object, Mahjong and more!
Available online with free demos for PC. Some chapters as also on Mac.

August 2020 Update: Laruaville 10 new out for PC and Mac. See below for details.

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Mahjong Solitaire Epic App for PC, Mac, Fire and iOS

Mahjong Solitaire Epic for Kindle, iOS, PC & Mac

The Mahjong Solitaire Epic app. For phones and tablets. By Kristanix Games. Has had a new update (September 2015). Which includes 50 more free boards!
This addictive free Mahjong game. Is available on Fire and Android. And on iPhone and iPad. You can also play a computer version of this game.
I’ve included details of this cool free Mahjong app. And download links to the app stores.
And I’ve also included details of how to play Mahjong Solitaire Epic on computer. Available for PC and Mac. With free demo and full version downloads.

Update April 2016: Kristanix’s Mahjong Solitaire Epic app update. On all mobile app stores. This new update includes 25 new Mahjong boards free. And 2 new free backgrounds! Updated on Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked

Top Free Online Mahjong - Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked Web Game

If you are a looking for free online mahjong game to play with your kids or for a quick mahjong game.

Try Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked. A bright, colourful and browser game.

Available to play in your browser for free no download required.

For more free online games to play without registration or logging in, see my list of posts below.

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