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10 Top Family Board Game Apps

10 Top Family Board Game Apps for Android - Guess the Character

This top 10 list includes my fave family board game apps for Android. I enjoy playing them mainly because they play like the old skool table top versions. And remind me of the old board games I used to play with my family.

From well-known classics such as Monopoly, Game of Life and Scrabble. To my own family favourites of Carrom. Carrom is a game you play similar to pool. But instead of pool balls, this uses draught pieces which you have to flick to pocket them in the corners.

Some of the game apps have different names to the ones I remember. For example: 4 in a row aka Connect 4, Guess the Character aka Guess Who, Reversi aka Othello and Checkers aka Draughts.

Update April 2016: I’ve updated this top 10 list with iOS and Kindle Fire games. Or their best equivalent!

Regular readers of this blog will know that I love board games. And so to be able to play the classic ones on my smart phone or tablet is cool. Especially as most of the game apps in this top 10 are free!

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Top 10 Free Android Games Dec’ 2012

Top 10 Free Android Game Apps 2012

Below is a list of the top 10 best free game apps for Android tablets and phones in December 2012, based on the number of reviews and average user ratings in Android’s Google Play marketplace. And includes some of the best game apps that also feature in Apple’s Appstore top 10 free game apps for iPod and iPad. Including of course Angry Birds, as well as racing game apps, puzzles and brainteaser games and a cool piano mobile game app. Included in this best of list is the basic details of the game app such as publisher, last update date, game category, average user rating and the minimum Android version requirement for the game app to work. All apps are free and available for download on Google Play.

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Virtual Villagers by Last Day of Work

Virtual Villagers Origins

The popular Virtual Villagers games series from Last Day of Work. One of the best and most popular real-time management series.
With its addictive gameplay and quirky village characters! Watch as they learn and grow in real-time!
For PC, Mac and mobiles. Plus free online demos for the first 2 chapters, no download needed. And details of the Virtual Villagers Origins series for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

November 2018 Update: Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 now out on Xbox One.
January 2019 Update: Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 now out on PC and Mac.

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