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Funkitron’s Slingo Games List for Mobiles

  • Vee R 

Slingo Apps List - Slingo AdventureThis Slingo apps list includes 5 variations of the popular Slingo game.
From Funkitron!

A combination of Bingo and Slots game play.
Available for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

Check out my list at the bottom of this post. For offline Bingo and Slingo games for computer. Including a cool 7 Slingo bundle! And original classic Slingo for computer.

Slingo Apps for iOS, Android and Fire

Created by: Funkitron.
Genres: Arcade, Bingo, Puzzle.

1. Slingo Supreme


iOS release: August 2010.

Description: In Supreme, as you play, you will unlock powerups.

These powerups will then let you build your own custom Slingo game!

Unlock more powerups, and build even more types of Slingo games.

Each combination makes a totally new play experience.

And get this, with 12 types of powerups, you can combine them each in different ways to create over 16,000 ways to play!!!

Can you create your own favorite game to give you that top score?

2. Slingo Daily Challenge


Description: Play a new Slingo Challenge every day.

With a different set of Powerups that help you beat the daily challenge goal.

Take your account on the go and win Slingo Coins for each game you play.

3. Slingo Adventure

iOS release: October 2014.

Description: Slingo Adventure combines classic slot machine game play with Bingo style number matching. Play through 300 (and counting) fun, fast paced level by spinning, daubing, and betting your way to success. Don’t forget! The faster you match, the bigger the bonus, but watch out for the Devilkins who are there to hinder your progress.

Slingo Apps List - Top Pick - Slingo Adventure for iOS
Slingo Apps List – Top Pick – Slingo Adventure for iOS

4. Slingo Shuffle

Slingo Apps List - Slingo Shuffle
Slingo Apps List – Slingo Shuffle

iOS release: June 2015.

Description: Slingo, the all-time classic game of slots matching fun returns with a new deck of twists!

Slots meets bingo in this relaxing puzzle game where you must spin slot machine reels to make matches in the board below.

Match five cards in any direction to get a Slingo and win tons of coins.

Score a quadruple Slingo for big coin bonuses!

Keep playing to unlock new decks with beautiful new themed backgrounds. Get ready to Slingo Shuffle!

5. Slingo Blast

Slingo Apps List - Slingo Blast
Slingo Apps List – Slingo Blast

iOS release: December 2015.

Description: Have a blast with your friends in the hottest new multiplayer game: Slingo Blast!

Enjoy Slingo gameplay with the new challenge of facing off with opponents.

With time-based rounds and beating their scores.

Move up in the ranks of the regional and global leaderboards!

Offline Bingo and Slingo Games

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