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Alto’s Adventure Games by Snowman for iOS

  • Vee R 
Alto's Adventure Games by Snowman for iPad and iPhone

This post includes details of Snowman’s Alto’s adventure games.
Including Alto’s Adventure 2.
Release due next week.
And available for pre-order now.
On iTunes for iPad and iPhone.

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Alto’s Adventure Games

From: Snowman.
Genres: Adventure, Action, Strategy, Simulation.

1. Alto’s Adventure

iOS release: 19 February 2015.

Alto's Adventure 1 - Snowboarding Sim for iPad and iPhone
Alto’s Adventure 1 – Snowboarding Sim for iPad and iPhone

Description: Above the placid ivory snow lies a sleepy mountain village. Brimming with the promise of adventure. Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness. Through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins. Along the way you’ll rescue runaway llamas. Grind rooftops. Leap over terrifying chasms. And outwit the mountain elders! All while braving the ever-changing elements. And passage of time upon the mountain.

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2. Alto’s Odyssey

iOS release: 22 February 2018.

Alto's Adventure Games 2. Odyssey - Released February 2018
Alto’s Adventure Games 2. Odyssey – Released February 2018

Description: Just beyond the horizon sits a majestic desert, vast and unexplored. Join Alto and his friends and set off on an endless sandboarding journey to discover its secrets. Soar above windswept dunes. Traverse thrilling canyons. And explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical place far from home. Along the way, you’ll grind across vines. Bounce atop hot air balloons. Ride towering rock walls. And escape mischievous lemurs. All while uncovering the desert’s many mysteries.

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