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WarioWare Gold, New out for 3DS

WarioWare Gold for 3DS on Amazon US UKNew out last week, WarioWare Gold for 3DS.
The 8th game in Nintendo’s WarioWare series.

With classic series favorites.
As well as cool new additions.

See below for the full WarioWare series list. Listed in order of release.
Plus I’ve included more top Nintendo games.

New WarioWare Game

Title: Wario Ware Gold.
From: Intelligent Systems and Nintendo.
Genres: Action, Arcade, Party, Microgames.
US Nintendo 3DS release: August 2018.

WarioWare Gold

Description: The latest in the WarioWare series, with a new way to play Wario’s strangely satisfying microgames. With classics and new additions, there are 300 microgames to enjoy, making this the biggest entry in the series! Press buttons, tilt the system, use the Touch Screen and microphone, and dig that crazy action while it’s hot! [Source: Amazon]

  • Join Wario and a colourful cast of series favourites.
  • Wheelin n dealin in denim, Wario’s back and better than ever.
  • Touching, twisting, and mashing your way to victory is the key to micro game mastery!
  • WarioWare Gold boasts 300 gut-busting micro games. From all-time fan favourites. To brand new ones.
WarioWare Gold New out on Nintendo 3DS Released 2018

WarioWare Gold New out on Nintendo 3DS Released 2018

WarioWare Series

Nintendo’s WarioWare series in order. With all of the games in the franchise, so far. (Including original Nintendo system and year of release):

  1. Mega Microgames! (GBA 2003).
  2. Twisted! (GBA 2004).
  3. Touched! (DS 2004).
  4. Smooth Moves (Wii 2006).
  5. Snapped! (DSiWare 2008).
  6. WarioWare D.I.Y. (DS 2009).
  7. Game & Wario (Wii U 2013).
  8. WarioWare Gold (3DS 2018).
Play WarioWare Gold

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, new 3DS, new 3DS XL, 3DS XL and new 2DS XL consoles. Available on Amazon US and UK – physical copy or digital download: US Amazon or UK Amazon.

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