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Monument Builders 11: Golden Gate Bridge

Monument Builders Games 11. Golden Gate Bridge

This post details the 11th game in the Monument Builders series, Golden Gate Bridge. From Anuman Interactive.

This top free time management game download is available for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, PC and Mac.

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Monument Builders 11

Developer: Anuman Interactive | Released: 2015 | Genres: Strategy, Building Games, Time Management Games, Simulation.

Golden Gate Bridge

Plot: To manage the construction of this monumental bridge you’ll have to produce different resources and call upon a large number of workers to get the job done. There are a host of challenges you will face as the Golden Gate strait is renowned for its dangerous currents, violent winds and sea mists laden with corrosive salt. The inauguration is planned for the 27th of May 1937 and the citizens of San Francisco are impatient to be able to use the bridge. Can you deliver this monumental project on time?

Download Free Golden Gate Bridge Monument Builder Game
Download Golden Gate Bridge Monument Builder Game

Game Play and Features

  • Learn authentic stories about the legendary bridge.
  • Find the clues hidden in the scenery.
  • 50 varied and challenging game levels.

Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge available from US Amazon and UK Amazon for Amazon Fire.

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