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Hermes 2: War of the Gods

Hermes 2 War of the Gods

Hermes 2: War of the Gods, a top new time management strategy game on Big Fish.

From Platinum Games and Alawar.

This is a Collector’s Edition release which includes bonus content, more game play and extra features. Available for PC and Mac.

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Top New Big Fish Management Game

From: Platinum Games/Alawar | Big Fish Release: January 2020 | Genres: Adventure, Time Management Games, Strategy.

Hermes: War of the Gods

Plot: When an angry goddess appears in billows of fire and smoke on the first day of the Olympics and declares war on mankind, Zeus has no choice but to call on the mischievous god Hermes to save the people of Greece. To help the people you meet, you’ll have to quickly rebuild decimated villages, stock up on resources, save the victims of disasters and more!

Hermes 2 War of the Gods Platinum Games Alawar
Hermes 2 War of the Gods from Platinum Games and Alawar

Game Play and Features
Answer the call of Zeus and begin the adventure, the Olympics must go on! 20 bonus levels. 32 trophies to earn. In-game strategy guide. Desktop wallpapers. Six collectibles.

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  1. Hello,

    since a while there is existing a 7th part of the Lost Land Game Series (Redemption) On the english page of big fish games
    is the title avalaible. Do you want to update your fantastic homepage ?

    Best Regards Michael

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