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GTA 6: Catching Up On The Latest

Grand Theft Auto VI

The GTA game franchise is one of the biggest and most popular game franchises, not only among gamers but also on eSports sites like GGBet.

The game franchise has continued to grow since first hitting the gaming world in 1997. Since then, it has won the hearts of millions from across the globe.

Rockstar Games has, in fact, recently announced the launch of the next entry in the franchise – GTA 6 – and as we eagerly await its release, we will be looking at all that we know about the game and when we could be getting it.

Prepare! You’ll be let in on details such as the speculated date of release, new features, and some of the biggest updates rumored to be offered by the new game. Here we go!

GTA 6: How is it Played?

A high-intensity action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto follows the story of the protagonist, as he explores a world plagued by organized criminal activities. Players are also given missions to complete as they progress through the story.

The game involves a lot of shooting and driving with some role-playing elements occasionally. The maps are usually miniature versions of existing cities.

For instance, San Andreas is patterned after the real-world San Francisco. While Liberty City is designed similarly to New York.

Given its adult and violent content, some quarters regard GTA 6 as unsuitable for younger audiences, earning it a few controversies.

When To Expect the Grand Theft Auto 6

Since Rockstar’s announcement that the launching of the next game in the franchise, GTA 6, is well underway, gamers all over the world have continued to speculate about when the game will be eventually released.

Amidst all of the guesswork, the CEO of Take-Two, who are partners with Rockstar games in the franchise, gave a clue as to when we can expect the game release.

Strauss Zelnick, during an earnings call, mentioned that the 2025 fiscal year, starting from April 2024 will be a significant inflection point for the company. He also mentioned that the company’s performance would hit record efficiency during this time.

Owing to these revelations, many have considered this period to be the time frame within which the game will be released—forecasting a release date in either early 2025 or late 2024.

Rumors, Leaks & Everything in Between

Ever since the GTA 6 leak by a teenager using an Amazon Firestick, there have been lots of rumors about the upcoming game in the franchise. Below are some of the most groundbreaking, among them:

The Setting of The Game

It has been heavily rumored that the setting for the new release will be in the 1980s. This claim has however been rejected by reporter, Tom Henderson, as he claims the game will be set in a modern version of Vice City.

The leaked footage and screenshots of the upcoming game also seem to suggest that the game will be set in the modern era rather than in the 1980s.

PS5 Exclusivity

Another rumor we’re finding difficult to shake off is that the new GTA game will be exclusively available on the PlayStation 5 console.

However, this is not far-fetched as Sony’s PlayStation has been partnering with the GTA franchise for quite a while.

Fortnite Style Map

Meanwhile, it has also been rumored that the upcoming GTA 6 game will feature a Fortnite-style map.

This mechanism has been adopted by several other live service games and will allow Rockstar to be able to adjust GTA 6’s world map. Well, what can we say? Let’s have it!

All in All

Rockstar Games, in partnership with Take-Two, has kept us at the edge of our seats with the announcement of GTA 6.

Although we do not have a lot of details on the upcoming game, GTA 6 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest games in the franchise.

So, get ready as we anticipate the next game from the studios of some of the biggest game publishers and all that it has to offer!

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