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Echoes of Aetheria from Dancing Dragon Games

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Echoes of Aetheria RPG

Echoes of Aetheria.
From Dancing Dragon Games.
A classic steampunk RPG.
New out last week, on BigFish.
For PC Download.
Free demo available.

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New RPG Strategy Game on BigFish

Title: Echoes of Aetheria.
From: Dancing Dragon Games.
Publisher: Degica.
Genres: RPG, Strategy, Adventure Games, Steampunk.
PC release: January 2016.
BigFish release: June 2017.

Echoes of Aetheria

Plot: Experience an epic saga of war, love and betrayal in Echoes of Aetheria! In classic RPG style follow the story of Lucian, Ingrid and Soha as their efforts to save a kidnapped bride turns into a quest to uncover a dark conspiracy. By the end, you’ll have to weigh your decisions and their consequences against the fate of entire nations.

Echoes of Aetheria RPG New out on BigFish for PC Download
New RPG on BigFish June 2017 for PC Download


  • Rich story elements and characters.
  • Explore a fully developed world.
  • Craft, salvage or augment helpful items.
  • No random encounters – plan your attack!
  • Sweeping orchestral soundtrack.
Echoes of Aetheria RPG New out on BigFish with Free Demo
Echoes of Aetheria RPG New out on BigFish with Free Demo

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