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MCF 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked – Review

  • Vee R 
New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked on PC and Mac

MCF 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked is the 5th new Ravenhearst game.
And the 13th in the main Mystery Case Files series.

Released just in time for Thanksgiving!
As is the tradition for new MCF game releases.

For details of full series so far. See the link included below.

Update: MCF13 now also available on mobiles. See below for details.

New Ravenhearst Game for Computer and Mobile

Released: November 2016 | By: Eipix Entertainment.
13th MCF game and 5th Ravenhearst game in the series.

MCF 13 Game Overview

Description: An all NEW release! In this insane continuation of the Dalimar saga, find out what happened AFTER the events of Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst! Eipix delves deeper into the past as you find yourself trapped in the very cell that the Dalimars once occupied. Can you stop Alister before he sacrifices everything – and everyone – in his maniacal quest for immortality? Or will his menacing granddaughters stand in your way?

New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked for PC and Mac
New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked for PC and Mac

Collector’s Edition – Game Details and Features

  • Continue the Ravenhearst mystery adventure.
  • With 6 chapters to play and explore. Plus a bonus chapter.
  • A hidden object detective game.
  • With loads of mini-games throughout.
  • And a variety of HOPs. Including silhouette, listed, interactive, and more!
  • Play as Alister Dalimar in the bonus game!
  • Earn special achievements and replay HOPs.
  • View your collectibles and the souvenir room.
  • Get the available Strategy Guide.
  • Enjoy soundtracks, wallpaper, and concept art.
  • Please note: MCF: Ravenhearst Unlocked is an intense psychological thriller. And is intended for mature audiences.
New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked by Eipix
New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked by Eipix


Interesting storyline, excellent visuals and challenging puzzles. And overall great fun!

New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked on Big Fish Games
New Ravenhearst Game MCF Ravenhearst Unlocked on Big Fish Games

Download and Play

From Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

This is the 13th installment in the series. See my post: Mystery Case Files and Ravenhearst Games in Order. For all of the game titles in the series so far. For PC, Mac, mobile.

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