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Mystery Case Files 17: Rewind – Review

  • Vee R 
Mystery Case Files Series 17. Rewind Released June 2018

Review of Mystery Case Files 17: Rewind.
A hidden object puzzle game.

From Eipix Entertainment.

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Mystery Case Files 17

From: Eipix Entertainment | Released: June 2018.


Plot: Strange reports have come in regarding the abandoned Victory Hotel. When you arrive to investigate, you find people from your past cases lost in time and trapped inside! It’s up to you to find where they belong and uncover why one of the Dalimars is meddling with the past. It’s a race against the clock to solve more challenging puzzles than ever before! Do you have what it takes to fix the timelines before it’s too late?

Mystery Case Files 17 Rewind - Review
Mystery Case Files 17 Rewind – Review

Game Play

  • 3 difficulty modes: Zen mode (relaxed game play with no time limits), Master Detective mode (time limit for completing levels) and Custom mode. Note: game mode can’t be changed during the game.
  • Solve cases, craft keys and crack super puzzles. To unlock the rooms of the spooky abandoned Victory Hotel!
  • Discover the MCF origins of each hotel guest/suspect!
  • Use your trusty diary to learn more, throughout your investigation.
New MCF Game 2018 Mystery Case Files 17 Rewind
New MCF Game 2018 Mystery Case Files 17 Rewind

Collector’s Edition – Bonus Features

  • Protect all the timelines in the bonus chapter!
  • Challenge yourself with replayable HOPs and mini-games!
  • Never get lost with the helpful strategy guide!
  • Enjoy exclusive art, music, videos, and more!

Mystery Case Files 17: Rewind – Review

Mystery Case Files: Rewind is – as the game’s title suggests – a look back over the whole MCF series so far.

With game play that also recalls earlier games in the Mystery Case Files series (in particular chapters 1 to 5). As it focusses mainly on hidden object game play. Interspersed with mini games and super puzzles. So unlike more recent MCF games, this chapter has a very basic plot and very little adventure story element. This is pure HOP game play!

The basic storyline brings together a host of characters, items and locations. Which fans of the series will recognise from earlier chapters. But you don’t need to have played these games to enjoy this installment.

So, if you prefer your hidden object games to have more hidden objects and puzzles, and less adventure and storyline. Then I think you’ll enjoy this new MCF game.

This is the 17th installment in the MCF series. See my post: Mystery Case Files and Ravenhearst Games List Order. For PC, Mac, Android, Amazon Fire, mobile.

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