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Mystery of the Ancients 7: Black Dagger – Review

  • Vee R 
Mystery of the Ancients Game Series 7. Black Dagger

Review of Mystery of the Ancients 7: Black Dagger.
The latest chapter in the mystery adventure series.
From Mariaglorum Company.
For PC and Mac download.

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New Mystery of the Ancients Game

Title: Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger.
From: Mariaglorum.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Detective, Mystery Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
CE release: February 2018.
Collector’s Edition (CE) includes extra content, more game play and bonus features.

Mystery of the Ancients 7: Black Dagger

Plot: When a police station is attacked, you’re called in to help investigate. Things take an unexpected turn when the clues point to an ancient dagger and the spectre that wields it! With such a dangerous foe, and countless families in danger, can you uncover the fiend’s origins and save the day?

Review of Mystery of the Ancients 7 Black Dagger from Mariaglorum
Review of Mystery of the Ancients 7 Black Dagger from Mariaglorum

Collector’s Edition Extras

  • Defeat a persistent enemy in the bonus chapter!
  • Consult the helpful strategy guide.
  • Search each location for hidden collectibles!
  • Enjoy exclusive music, wallpapers, concept art, and more!

Black Dagger is a game-packed new installment in the popular series by Mariaglorum! The story focuses on an ancient evil entity. Who uses dark magic to time-travel to the modern-day. In his quest to exact revenge on the descendants of those who robbed him of his power. This supernatural story though not quite new, does have enough twists in it to make it engaging.

The voice-overs, dialog, sound effects and visuals have been done well, to add to the adventure atmosphere.

But it is in the game play that this game really excels. As there is plenty of interesting and interactive game play throughout. Including lots of layered hidden object scenes. And a good variety of puzzles and mini-games, some quite tricky. As well as some combat-action combined with the mini-games.

Collector’s Edition collectibles include 23 crown pieces and 8 character figures to find throughout the game. And a bonus chapter continues the story from where the main game left off, adding a bit more detail to the final outcome of the adventure.

Overall the story is OK, but it is the game play that will hook you in. Especially if you love hidden object games and puzzle-solving. As this is where the game really excels and makes it worthwhile checking out the demo.

This is the 7th installment in the series. See my post: Mystery of the Ancients Game Series List. For all of the game titles in the series so far, in order. Available on PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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