Bloons Supermonkey 2

Bloons Supermonkey 2The popular arcade game, Bloons Supermonkey 2.
From Ninja Kiwi.
Has just been released on Amazon’s Kindle Fire.
Already available on iPad, iPhone and Android.

For another top Bloons game for Android and iOS.
See also my previous post, link included below.
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Criminal Case Season 2: Pacific Bay

Criminal Case Season 2 - Pacific BayCriminal Case Season 2: Pacific Bay.
The popular Facebook hidden object detective game.
From Pretty Simple.
Is now also available on the App Stores.
Including for iPad, iPhone and Amazon Fire.

For details of Criminal Case Season 1 game. See also my post, link included below.
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Living Legends Game Series

Living Legends Game Series 4. Bound by Wishes CEThis Living Legends game series list.
Includes this week’s new releases.
For PC, Mac and Amazon Fire.
Plus I’ve also included details of an iOS games bundle. Available on iTunes.
This hidden object puzzle adventure series.
From 4 Friends Games.
Is available on computer for PC and Mac.
And on mobile devices. For iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire.
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Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse

Endless Fables The Minotaurs Curse New iPad HOPA February 2017Endless Fables 1: The Minotaur’s Curse.
The first in a new HOPA series.
From Sunward Games.
Released this week on iTunes for iPad.

Also available with free demos.
For Amazon Fire, PC and Mac.
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Splitter Critters Puzzle Game

Splitter Critters Puzzle GameSplitter Critters from RAC7 Games.
A challenging new Kindle Fire puzzle game.
Released February 10, 2017.
Also new out on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.

A desktop version of this mind-bending puzzle game. Is also due out (later this year). For Mac and PC download.
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Fierce Tales Game Series List Order

Fierce Tales Game Series - 2. Marcus MemoryThis Fierce Tales game series list.
Includes all the Collector’s Edition (CE) games.
In order of PC release.
With hidden object games from Blam! Games.
Available for computer on PC and Mac.
And for mobile on iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire.

For more HOPA series by Blam!, see also my posts included below.
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New Underground HO Games – Jan’ 2017

New Underground HO Games - Jan 2017 - Grim Legends 3 from Artifex MundiNew Underground HO Games for Kindle Fire.
Released this month, January 2017.
These 2 top free full HOPA games for Amazon Fire.
Are both from Artifex Mundi.

They’re also available on other devices.
And are also part of a game series.
For more details, see my posts, linked below.
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Azada Game Series Order

Azada Game Series Order – 1. AzadaThis Azada game series order list.
Includes all the Azada games.
In this popular adventure series.
From Big Fish Studios.
Available for computer on PC and Mac.
And on mobiles for iPad, iPhone, Android and Fire.

For more games like Azada. See also my list of similar games, included at the bottom of this post.
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Highrise Heroes – Word Game App

Mobile Games Like Bookworm - Highrise HeroesFor a cool alternative to play games like Bookworm on your mobile.
This adventure word game.
Has a similar fast-paced wordplay.
As PopCap’s popular Bookworm word game.
Plus added mystery, a bunch of quirky characters, strategy and monkeys!
Available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android.

I’ve included links to my PopCap’s Bookworm posts. As well as info of this cool game app alternative.
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Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure

Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure by Five-BN GamesLost Island: Mahjong Adventure.
New out on Big Fish, for PC and Mac with free demo.
Already available as Lost Lands: Mahjong.
A free full version Mahjong game app.
From app stores for mobiles.
On iPad, iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire. Links for all versions are included below. I’ve also included a link to my Lost Lands games series list.
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