Top New iOS Action Games May 2017

Top New iOS Action Games May 20172 top picks from the new iOS action games.
Released on the iTunes Appstore, May 2017.
Both available for iPad and iPhone.
One a paid game.
The other a free (freemium) app.

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Beauty and the Beast Match 3 Game

Beauty and the Beast Match 3 GameBeauty and the Beast match 3 game, Perfect Match.
A new freemium Disney game.
Developed by Hibernum.
For iPad and iPhone.
Based on the most recent Beauty and the Beast movie.
With match 3 puzzle game play.

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Top Free iOS Puzzles Apr/May 2017

Best Free Puzzle Games 2017 - Faraway for iPad and iPhone2 top picks for the best free puzzle games.
New out on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.
From recent releases.

For more top puzzle games for iOS.
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Pictionary for iPad and iPhone

Pictionary for iPad iPhoneNow available, a mobile version of Mattel’s Pictionary.
The popular and funny drawing and guessing game!
New out for iPad and iPhone, (iOS 8.0 and up).

I’ve also included a list of other top family board games. Now available to play on your mobile.
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Sudoku Epic by Kristanix

Sudoku Epic by Kristanix - Now out on Amazon Underground AppstoreSudoku Epic by Kristanix Studios.
Now out on the Underground Appstore.
So that you can get it as a free full Sudoku game.
Including free in-app purchases!
For your Amazon Fire or Kindle Fire.

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10 Best HOGs for Fire 2016 – Part 4

10 Best HOGs for Fire 2016 Part 4This best HO games for Amazon Fire 2016 part 4.
Includes ten top-rated hidden object games.
On Amazon’s app store.
Released from October to December 2016.

For my top 10 Kindle Fire lists from earlier this year.
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Free the Witch Match 3 Game for PC, Mac & iOS

Free the WitchPlay free Big Fish match 3 games with Free the Witch!
A new matching game available to download in full for free.
For computer.
And also for iOS.
On iPhone and iPad.

For more free Big Fish match 3 games.
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Fantastic Beasts Game App

Fantastic Beasts - Cases from the Wizarding WorldNew iOS hidden object game app, Fantastic Beasts.
Inspired by the first Harry Potter prequel movie.
Featuring J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world!
Available for free.
On iTunes for iPad and iPhone.

For more new iOS hidden object games, see also my list at the bottom of this post.
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Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Review

Adventure Escape - Midnight Carnival Halloween MysteryAdventure Escape: Midnight Carnival from Haiku Games.
A Halloween mystery puzzle game app.
New out this week for FREE on iOS and Kindle Fire.

This is the 9th game in this Adventure Escape series.
For the full list of games so far.
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