Endless Fables Game Series

Endless Fables Games 2. Frozen PathThis Endless Fables games list.
From Sunward Games.
Includes yesterday’s release of the second Collector’s Edition (CE).
For PC and Mac download.

Checkout my other post included below. For another top Sunward HO series.
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Best iOS HO Games 2017 Part 1

Best iOS HO Games 2017 Part 1This post includes my best iOS HO games 2017 part 1. With 10 top picks from BigFish’s hidden object games.
Released from January to March 2017.
All available for iPad.
And 8 of these are also on iPhone.
Don’t forget, to check out my previous post. For my top 10 BigFish picks for PC and Mac.
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Best Games of 2017 – Top 10 Lists

Best Games 2017 - Top 10 Lists for PC, Mac and iOSStarting tomorrow, my first batch of best games 2017 lists.
Rounding up top picks from this year’s game releases.
From January to March.
With top 10 hidden object games.
And mystery adventure games.
On computer for PC and Mac. And on mobile for iPad and iPhone.
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Thimbleweed Park – Neo-Noir Mystery

Thimbleweed ParkThimbleweed Park a top new neo-noir mystery.
With point-and-click adventure game play.
Newly released on iTunes.
For Mac download.
From Terrible Toybox.

Also out on Steam and GOG (for Linux, Windows and OS X).
On Xbox One from the Windows Store.
And due out for PS4, iOS and Android.
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Women’s Murder Club Games

Women's Murder Club Games List for PC, Mac, DS, iPad and iPhoneThis Women’s Murder Club games list.
Includes all of the video games.
Based on James Patterson’s books.
Available for computer on PC and Mac.
As well as games on Nintendo DS, iPad and iPhone.

Including full version downloads. And free demos.
For games with similar game play. I’ve included a list of other games you might like, below.
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Nightfall Mysteries Series Order

Nightfall Mysteries Games OrderNightfall Mysteries games order.
With a list of all the game titles.
In this creepy HO series!
From Vast Studios.
Available on PC, Mac, iPad.

Thanks for all of your series requests. Keep ’em coming in! As I have so many to do, I’ll be doing list posts more frequently. (Probably twice a week.) If you haven’t already, you can send me your request. For any games, you’d like to see as a list on this blog. In particular, hidden object, management and match 3 games. A link to the request form is included at the bottom of this post.
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New HO Games this Week

New HOPAs 03/25/17 - Hidden Object Releases for PC, Mac, iOSNew HOPAs 03/25/17.
2 new hidden object games.
For you to checkout this weekend.
One for computer on PC and Mac.
And one for iOS on iPad and iPhone.
Both part of popular long-running HO series.
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Haunted Legends 8 CE

Haunted Legends 8 - The Iron MaskHaunted Legends 8.
The Iron Mask Collector’s Edition.
A new hidden object puzzle adventure.
From ERS Games Studios.
For iOS – iPad and iPhone.

For details of the Haunted Legends series so far. See my previous post, also included below.
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Mystery of the Ancients 6 CE

Mystery of the Ancients Game Series - 6. The Sealed and ForgottenMystery of the Ancients 6.
The Sealed and Forgotten.
The latest Collector’s Edition release.
In the HO puzzle adventure series.
From Mariaglorum.
Available for PC and Mac.

For details of the Mystery of the Ancients series so far. See my previous post, link included below.
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