Top Free iOS Puzzles Apr/May 2017

Best Free Puzzle Games 2017 - Faraway for iPad and iPhone2 top picks for the best free puzzle games.
New out on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.
From recent releases.

For more top puzzle games for iOS.
Check out my best of 2017 so far, included below.
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Best iOS Puzzle Games of 2017, so far

Top 10 iOS Puzzle Games 2017 - Mushroom 11Top 10 iOS puzzle games 2017.
With ten of the best new puzzle games.
Released for iPad and iPhone.
From January to March, this year.
On the iTunes app store.

For my other top 10s of 2017 so far. See also my posts included below.
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New Mac Puzzle Games March 2017

Mac Puzzle Games March 2017 - MemorandaThis new Mac puzzle games March 2017 round-up list.
Includes 5 new game releases on iTunes.
For Mac download.
Covering a range of puzzle types.
From point-and-click games.
And mystery adventures.
To hidden object, brain-teaser and match 3 games.
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4 Elements II Match 3 Game

4 Elements II Match 3 Game4 Elements II Match 3 game from Playrix.
A vibrant sequel to the popular original.
With its addition of mini-games and quests.
As well as its unique match 3 game play.
Available on PC, Mac and iOS.
And free online demo.

Even though this game is a few years old now. It is still a unique, beautifully illustrated and addictive match 3 game. But, if you’re looking for more recent match 3 games. For PC, Mac and iOS. Check out my list of posts, also included below.
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Splitter Critters Puzzle Game

Splitter Critters Puzzle GameSplitter Critters from RAC7 Games.
A challenging new Kindle Fire puzzle game.
Released February 10, 2017.
Also new out on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.

A desktop version of this mind-bending puzzle game. Is also due out (later this year). For Mac and PC download.
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Highrise Heroes – Word Game App

Mobile Games Like Bookworm - Highrise HeroesFor a cool alternative to play games like Bookworm on your mobile.
This adventure word game.
Has a similar fast-paced wordplay.
As PopCap’s popular Bookworm word game.
Plus added mystery, a bunch of quirky characters, strategy and monkeys!
Available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android.

I’ve included links to my PopCap’s Bookworm posts. As well as info of this cool game app alternative.
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Fantasy Mosaics 19 – Edge of the World

Fantasy Mosaics 19 Edge of the WorldFantasy Mosaics 19: Edge of the World.
The latest mosaic puzzle game in the series.
Available for PC and Mac.
With free demo.
And also on iPad.

For previous Fantasy Mosaics games. See also my list of posts included below. With mosaic puzzle games for computer and mobile.
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Sudoku Epic by Kristanix

Sudoku Epic by Kristanix - Now out on Amazon Underground AppstoreSudoku Epic by Kristanix Studios.
Now out on the Underground Appstore.
So that you can get it as a free full Sudoku game.
Including free in-app purchases!
For your Amazon Fire or Kindle Fire.

For more Kristanix games on Amazon’s Appstore.
See also my list of posts, included below.
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Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors

Fantasy Mosaics 18 - Explore New ColorsFantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors.
The latest mosaic puzzle game.
In the popular Fantasy Mosaics series.
From Andy Jurko.
Now available for PC and Mac.
Already out for iPad.

And for more Fantasy Mosaics games, see also my posts included below.
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