Midnight Castle – BigFish’s Best Free HO Game!

Free Full Big Fish Midnight Castle Hidden Object GameDetails of the Big Fish Midnight Castle HOPA game.
Including the latest updates.
This is a free full version HO mystery game.
Which receives regular updates.
Such as new content, new quests and special events.
Plus don’t forget to check out my Midnight Calling post. The prequel series to Midnight Castle, included below.

Big Fish Midnight Castle

Game Details

Title: Midnight Castle.
From: Elephant Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Hidden Object, Puzzle, Mystery.

Description: Beyond the gates of a mysterious castle lies a story rich with enchantment and thrilling secrets. Discover what tale lurks in the Mystery Chamber and save the fate of Midnight Castle! PLAY FOR FREE! Start searching for magical items now! Unveil mysterious treasures and use your coins and diamonds to unlock more fantastic locations. Stock up your inventory, or sell glorious relics for more currency! Want to speed up your journey? Coins and diamonds are always available for purchase. [Source: iTunes]

Big Fish Midnight Castle Game and Updates Free Full HO Game for PC iPad iPhone
Big Fish Midnight Castle – Free Full BigFish HO Game for PC, iPad and iPhone
Latest Update

New characters, new areas and loads of new quests!

Download BigFish’s Midnight Castle Free HO Game

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4 thoughts on “Midnight Castle – BigFish’s Best Free HO Game!”

  1. I’ve gotten the update for October, am now searching for the update so I can save the knight,when I try it says I already have the update.When is it going to show up?All’s I can play is Trina and the implanted.But hey at least it hasn’t booted me off completely like it did last time!!!!

    1. Hi Kyla, thanks for your comment. Yeah I’ve noticed that some updates can be unpredicatable!
      But if you are having update problems with Big Fish’s Midnight Castle. The best thing is to contact Big Fish’s technical support. At: http://www.bigfishgames.com/help/index.html?rn=ask.

      There’s a form there for you to to submit your query. Make sure you specify the game title and platform you need help with. I’ve found they are very good at getting back to you and helping to sort out update issues.

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