PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies Game – Review

Plants vs Zombies Game Review for PC, Mac, Consoles & Mobile This Plants vs Zombies game review.
Includes details how to play the popular PVZ1 game.
And details of the full version game available.
For PC, Mac, consoles, smart phones and tablets.
Plants vs Zombies is the classic tower defense strategy game.
With hungry hordes of zombies about to invade your home.
Defend yourself with strategic and well timed planting of zombie-zapping perennials!
Protect yourself and prevent these lurching zombies breaking down your door.
One of the coolest, funniest and most addictive casual games ever!

Plants vs Zombies Game Review

Contents: Plants vs Zombies Game Summary | How to Play Plants vs Zombies | Plants vs. Zombies Adventure Mode | Additional PvZ Modes | Get Plants vs Zombies Full Version for Computer, Consoles or Mobile.

Plants vs Zombies Game Summary

Zombies of all kinds are trying to get to you, and to hold them at bay, you must use the limited resources to hand. From collecting bits of sun as currency, you can buy various plants and place them strategically around your lawn and defend yourself. As well as the various types of Zombies trying to get at you, you also have to contend with further obstacles including night time, fog and battles on the roof!

Plants vs Zombies Full Version Screenshot
Full Version Plants vs Zombies Game Review – Screenshot

Genres: Tower Defense, Time Management, Strategy.
From: PopCap Games Inc.

How to Play the Plants vs Zombies Game

In the main mode Adventure mode you are challenged with overcoming other obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool as the zombies hordes try to gain access to your homestead. This all adds up to the challenge of battling the fun-dead. Outsmarting these zombies is not easy as you’d think as they’re cleverer than the average ghoul, so use your resources wisely, or they’ll overcome your defences and get to you!

Plants vs. Zombies Adventure Mode

* 50 levels: You have 50 levels in adventure mode that occur through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop.
* A variety of plants to defend your home: Each with their own special powers to defeat the attackers!
* A variety of zombies to do battle with: Including zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, Zomboni, bucket-heads and more. Each zombie has its own unique skill. Test your planting skills to combat them with the right plant combos and at the right time!
* The better you play the more you earn: Improving your prowess as a zombie zapper will help you gain more powerful plants and more coins to buy power-ups.
* This is the mode you get in the mobile game app versions.

Additional PvZ Modes in Full Version Games

In the Plants vs Zombies full version, you also get an additional 4 game modes: Mini-Games, Puzzles, Survival, and Zen Garden! And now there is an additional feature that lets you customise your zombies with the Zombatar!

Create your own Zombie Avatar
Plants vs Zombies Game Review – Create your own Zombie Avatar

Unlock the challenging puzzles and play plenty of mini-games, many of which are zombie-fueled versions of other popular casual games. Or just chill-out in the Zen Garden.

This is one of the must-have casual games, with its addictive gameplay, fun characters and quirky style!

Get Plants vs Zombies 1 for Computer or Mobile

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